Unbelievable Hypocrisy on ‘Patrick’, The Patriarchy They Chose !

So i’ve been in church services where they said ‘men are moved by what they see, that men are more sexual than women, that when a man looks at a woman most often they are aroused by how they look’. They are very clear to say that ‘Women on the other hand, are not sexual, do not think about sex, are not moved by what they see, that they do not want sex, that as long as you give the woman money she is good, she doesnt want the sex that much’.

This society taught its sons that you need not worry about satisfying your women cause they can do with little sex if at all. The BIGGEST MISTAKE my society made is that they told their boys that they can have sex with whoever they want whenever they want, without taking stoke, so much that they go home and forget to satisfy their wives. Women have had to live with that kind of suffering for a very long time. Well let me break it down for you all brothers who do not want to take responsibility, and you sisters who are in denial. When a woman sees a wrongly and provocatively dressed man she is moved, but she looks aside. When you move around with your chest bare and your shorts too tight as a man, know that you are offending some women somewhere. Just that they were taught to pretend its not happening. Just as much as you are moved by a wrongly dressed woman or a provocatively dressed one, women actually do feel things. This like you, doesnt just go for a man who is provocatively dressed, women are also moved by well dressed hot looking guys! The same way you do. Just that our fathers taught our mothers to teach us to look aside, and YOU on the other side, were allowed to express your sexual feelings and were refused your responsibility to look aside, therefore countless times you’ve sought to justify your refusal for responsibility through rapping women and children hiding behind their looks most of the times.

Zimbabwe this week woke up to a very nasty and rude awakening, that told or taught them that actually Women Need Sex! That they equally want it just as God created it. And that if the man do not avail themselves to care for their wives sexually, women will look elsewhere. Now if you think what i’m telling you right now is rude and makes you angry, i’ll tell you right now that you need to GROW up, Face to reality, know that we are no longer just living in Zimbabwe but the global village. A village which will allow women to know their rights and dues including Sexual Rights! I belong to a number of various women Facebook Groups and Boy women are talking Sex like it was work, like it was Sadza or the air they breath, they are talking sex like they think about it everyday. And honestly, women and men are blessed with the gift of Sex, one which has to be respected, a gift which noone should withhold from another or think they deserve better than the other when they are married. When a man and a woman come together they are married and blessed with sex to make them one. Unfortunately for a long time our boys have been taught that ITS OK when they break that covenant and be intimate with someone else, then come home and pretend like it doesnt matter, and then fail to sexually satisfy their wives because they are getting it somewhere else. I bet you see you’ve been proven wrong?

The shame that was brought by Patrick’s relatives over Patrick shall remain in our memories for a life time, and for allowing his sisters to think they are embarrassing that woman, even his children shall see the video and when they begin to use reason, they shall see that their father failed them, that he failed to satisfy mommy just like he was meant to. They recorded their brother’s wife and her relatives thinking they are doing her a de-service, but in truth they just proved to the world that their brother failed to satisfy Faith and therefore Faith went ahead to buy sex. What violence is that? We are always telling you women are violated everyday and some of you refuse to open your eyes to reality, did this event knock some sense into you? How many men who cheat did we see treated like this? Then why women? If your mind still tells you that women deserve this kind of abuse for cheating, when you are actually the biggest cheat, you dont deserve to be on this earth, you simply do not think! They should be ashamed of themselves. And also another shame as patriarchy taught us is that when a woman fails to satisfy her husband, the husband is ‘justified to go out and get some’, so true then with this situation, this brother failed us. He failed a Sister and ‘We are Aggrieved’! This guy caused a situation and he should man-up and apologize to the nation for making a sister hungry to the extent of looking outside! Isnt this is what we are taught? So Lets Deal with it!!

On the other hand, women are cheated on everyday, and the same way man are also being cheated on everyday! Question is, is this the best way Zimbabwe is choosing to deal with infidelity? Are we as a society settling for naming and shaming? So then ask yourself dear reader if you are a man, how many millions we are then going to see everyday of these videos on men on their banded knees in kangaroo courts begging for forgiveness? Sisters i think we should also seek to make anyone who cheats pay, and as it turns out, men do this the most! So Harare, brace-up for so much drama! I would have thought Patrick to deal with this amicably, and protected his wife, engaged ‘vakuru'(adults) as we are taught in our culture and deal with this with maturity. Now the whole town knows that Patrick actually has been failing to fulfill his conjugal duties and his wife went out. Its a SHAME! He should have refrained his sisters from this stupid behavior that is so abusive of Faith’s family of recording that video. They owe her!!

If all you know for solving problems as a man is violence, you are just too weak! If all you know for intimacy with your wife is forcing yourself on her, you are a shame to men-hood! Lets man-up and seek advise. Lets treat women as equal partners and human beings who deserve happiness. Let this society learn that women actually are equal human beings who have similar needs and feelings. We are different, but absolutely equal!

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I have so much mixed feelings today. Yesterday i visited Chingwizi Holding Camp(My Long Story Coming up in a beat in a blog) where the flood victims of Tokwe Mukosi are housed. It was a FACT finding mission following the report that about 100 girls had been impregnated between the ages 10 and 12. Those in Zimbabwe who’ve been following this Chingwizi story know that over the last 3 or so days, the place has been ‘a war zone’, with the alleged fights between the residents of Chingwizi and the Police. Inspite of warnings for us not to go during this time as there have been these fights, we could not wait to stay home without knowing the status of girls at this camp. So we took off on Friday to reach the Camp on Saturday the 2nd of August. I will share my abridge version here with a special interest in the Girl Child and Women issues. I will hasten to say that, because of the tense of the situation, we could not engage many people to talk about anything in the camp. We managed to interview at the school and outside the camp and the following were our immediate findings:
1. The area is under so much tension, with fights between the police and the people. My worry is the security of girls and women. It seems the men are involved in the fights, but women and children often are at the receiving end of this violence. On our way we saw troops of hundreds of Police Men in the bushes close to the road that leads to Chingwizi. Today we got reports that there were further beatings of locals, the women and children are obviously emotionally tortured in all this.
2. Upon entering the camp there was such tension; in my write up i called it ‘tension thicker than a knife could cut’! Everyone was in their tents, no one loitering around, contrary to the usual busy roads at the camp on a good day. This was said to be because the previous day, the residents had allegedly burnt down 2 police cars. The reason being reported for this was that the police wanted to move the clinic to the area where the government wants people to settle, but the people are demanding their money before they move. A few minutes into the camp, men started coming out of their camps and started asking ‘Have you brought us the money’… We quickly left the camp as we feared any time the tensions would rise. We headed for Mlali Primary and Secondary Camp School.
3. The survival situation in the camp has affected the children, their parents and the community badly. The general conditions have caused the attitudes of the children towards education to be bad. The parents also because of the life in the camp are said to be no longer strict with their children to enforce discipline and performance at school. Actually there are reports that there is sometimes conflict between the teachers and the community because the teachers find it hard to instill discipline as the community does not want the teachers hard on their children, therefore the children end up being expelled from the schools. There is confirmed primary and high school drop out of children by students we interviewed. IT WAS DIFFICULT TO CONFIRM PREGNANCIES AMONGST THE AGE GROUPS WRITTEN IN THE REPORT, but the young people we interviewed who are in the community and schools confirmed that they had been hearing grapevine about some girls who have fallen pregnant, but they could neither provide names nor ages. One of the young man we interviewed alluded to the fact that there are high cases of Inter-generational relationships, where girls date older man, who are bound to demand sex in the relationships. The boy also said that because of idleness in the camp, sexual activities amongst young and old seem to be the only activity to occupy residents.
4. The young people highlighted their fear for disease outbreaks such as sexually related as all they see are issues of relationships in the camp. They also mentioned that they feel like their education year has been a wasted one sinse they were disturbed. One young person said that they are looking forward to repeating their form 3 again next year because they feel they are not ready to move and pass their O’levels.
5. Because of the situation in the camp, we could not talk to women as the situation was so much tense and guarded. Also residents do not trust anyone who is from the outside as they either suspect you to hinder their demand for money from the government, so they do not openly talk to anyone. Another thing is that they are sensitive to what people talk about, so it was not an easy task to carry. The teachers we spoke to at the school seemed to talk under instruction from their ministry, therefore there was not much useful information we got from them regarding child enrollment. The lady teacher who was said to be the spokes person declined the fact that children had dropped out of school. This was contrary to the information we got from the students we later interviewed who were very clear that many of their friends and pupils had dropped out of the schools before the End of Term Examinations and soon after the examinations. They alluded to the lack of discipline in the schools amongst the students. It was easy for us to read between the lines as one teacher told us that ‘if you need information you go to the Provincial Head, thats where we send all the information’, in a dismissing manner. It was very easy for me to tell that indeed maybe there is information ofcourse its being sent to the offices and as rightfully protocol would demand, they cannot share it, and it is protected for share at the appropriate time.
6. Food
We were told that everyone got equal rations according to the family members. The issue of ‘Sex-For-Food’ was said to have been reported in the first 2months.. Other commodities are distributed the same amongst the residents.
7. Education Facilities
The facilities are in the camps and are as would be expected, bad for the children.
We strongly feel the need for the government to address the situation at Chingwizi. The Government and the Residents of Chingwizi should amicably address their positions for the sack of the children. The lives of Children are being messed during this hard time. Girls are falling pregnant, are vulnerable to diseases, their education is affected, their lives are being lost, the children’s lives will never be the same again. There are more than 2 000 children in this area, thats a generation that deserves our move fast! We owe it to these children to give them a fair chance. We are concerned of the health of the women in this area. Something which the young men said which touched my heart was that; ‘When we were staying at our own house before the disaster, my father used to go drinking then come home later, mother never used to see him with other women, now the sad reality is that i see my father drinking beer, and do other things, i am concerned about my mother’, this is from the heart of a young man aged 17 who witnesses the abuse of his mother. We are appealing to the government to regard the children especially. May the children have their lives back. Surely there is somewhere we could get the money from our budgets for the sack of the children’. PROTECT THE CHILDREN, ADDRESS CHINGWIZI ISSUE NOW!!


Yaah am angry and am just going to say it as i feel it, i am going to speak truth so you may like it or hate it, right now i dont mind what you think about me!

This crazy Abduction of the Nigerian Girls Is Just but one in a million forms of abuse girls and women go through. So many girls and women have suffered under religion? So 200 and something girls go missing and for some selfish reason someone charges, “I abducted your girls. I will sell them in the market, by Allah,” he said. “There is a market for selling humans. Allah says I should sell. He commands me to sell. I will sell women. I sell women.” What Allah is that who imposes evil upon his people? 

My short post is, many atrocities have been committed against women and Girls under the religion guise! Some of the abuse is vivid while most of it is subtle! The abducted girls are just an exhibition of what extremes can do. But what this brings to mind is how women in our society are controlled even in the churches they attend. They do not speak into matters that concern them, because men do all the talking. Women are the mobilizers and hard workers in these churches and men protect their positions with everything it takes, for example our very own Gumbura case where the purported ‘Man of God’ demanded so much from women abusing their ‘Spiritual Authority’. 

My position and word today is, according to my own situation in Zimbabwe; NO woman or girl should tolerate abuse, in the home, in the church or anywhere else! If you seat in a church that has crazy doctrine of subjecting you to anyone in that church please run!! This problem is causing people to loose faith on religion, and yet worshiping is every human being’s right. These churches are now being led by power hungry, control freaks who think a church is their business which they run whichever way they want! The same people believe in the same bible which empowers women, which declares that they are created in the image of God. I think women and girls should be empowered to live these cults that purport as churches. If you disregard women and girls in your church please step down and let other people lead that church. I am focusing on churches because even as Zimbabwe, we do not have so much of Boko Haram but we have churches that are abusing people every day under religion. 

I am very angry today because of the abduction of these our Nigerian girls and i will speak out!! Dear Pastors, please do not preach to us about submission if you will not speak to your men about Love and Laying down their life for us. I love my God and please do not make some of us live the churches, please preach the Gospel as it is, the Gospel according to how it should be!! Please revisit your bible and realise women are an integral part of a congregation, they pay their tithes, they support your church through actual work, organising, NEXT time you do not want them to preach at your pulpit, please do not ask them to pay their tithes. If you do not know what your policy is pertaining women leadership, please sort that out before you ask for women’s support. Most of the girls and the women are not bold to speak out, most of them dont even know its their right to walk in the fullness of their God Gifts, Please be true to God and be a good servant! Please educate your men about responsibility to control themselves. While i appreciate good morals instilling in our girls, stop preaching to girls and make them appear as if they invite rape on themselves, that is the preaching most males want to hear, but those who stand for the truth and know the true gospel will not cheer that kind of preaching, because they know every human being is responsible for their own actions, including rape. So instead of justifying evil in these men, teach them mercy, protection, to let them know its their obligation to protect girls and women who are vulnerable, like those who might be naked, but its not for the men to prey on them!! In the kingdom of God there is equality! I will not yet challenge in this post yet, how we Portray God as all male, but what i know is in his image; ‘He Created them both, Male and Female’, so for me it means God has male and female traits! And noone wants to talk about that in the church, its something we dont even want to appreciate. But that is what my bible tells me, so lets stop behaving like God cares about men only, or God favors men more than women. Before God, we are equal, in his image, he created us, he loves all of us, So please please please, Stop this Nonsense of Ill treating girls and women and treating them as subjects or objects in your church, or community!!! I appeal and direct this to those who do not treat girls and women well. If you find yourself triggered some what angry because of this paragraph, check yourself, and check your motivations, check your inspiration and the spirit that inspires that doctrine, take time to check yourself!!!!

Representing Vasikana Nemadzimai Esangano.

Ndatenda hangu, Siyabonga, ImageThank you!!

Why Zimbabwe Will Not Promote A Woman Leader???

So this RBZ Governor post, has basically been reserved for a man right? I quote Gono…“He obviously will find both deputy governors Dr Charity Dhliwayo and Dr Kupukile Mlambo incredible pillars of support technically and experience wise, together with the dedicated team of professionals I left behind”..

As a country are we really at a point where we regard women as incapable leaders in their own right, or we regard certain positions of power as man’s job only? When a few women were appointed to cabinet sometime last year we hear there were talks about how ‘women are not educated’?? Fast forward a few months, Gono lives office and Charity, a female is appointed Acting Reserve Bank Governor, but she is unfit for the job as a Governor?? http://www.newzimbabwe.com/news-15010-CBZ+boss+named+new+RBZ+governor/news.aspx

So this equality business, we only commit to it on paper? Women are only suitable for positions of vice? I find this dis-empowering to women and the gains of independence where even women went to. The gains were meant to bring equality, not to promote superiority in gender amongst Zimbabweans. If we are going to talk about the empowerment of all Zimbabweans, then it should be All Encompassing, it should embrace every Zimbabwean as capable! What message does this send to us? That women cant lead? that women are inferior to man and that they deserve lowly positions? I think time should be up when women have to appreciate positions of deputy as a favor, but as merit, time should be now when we realise its actually the women who run the economy, and i think women should begin to demand respect and power in their positions. I’ve realised in many facets of the society including politics, its as if women owe men when they are appointed to positions and worse positions of deputy for many of them!! I think if we are going to talk about real empowerment of women, then lets talk about that, lets begin to be fair and square! How does a person deputise in a position they are not qualified for? So they are good enough to give a deputy and technical expertise but not real power?? Well, i just got a feeling that, in this country as long as people are do not respect human beings as capable, as long as women are treated as second class citizens, and yet they are the ones who deliver, as long as people refuse this truth, Zimbabwe will remain where it is, struggling! We need to admit women do all the job, women deliver, women work hard, they do the rest of the job, and they should get the positions of power! Women MUST be supported to be who they should be, after all they do all the job as i repeat! Lets stop this injustice and give people their best shot!

Am very disappointed!!!


How Much Was Your Lunch Today; It Can Change a Life Forever!!

It struck my mind today afternoon, i got into Spar and wanted to pick a quick lunch, i got sadza and a few things. i looked at my bill, it was close to $10, i cant say i felt guilty, but a strong thought came to mind.  This thought has been with me for a long time though as i work with TaLI for the girls in the communities.  Lately Zimbabwe is not only worried about the Tokwe-Mukosi Disaster, it is also concerned about thousands of children who are failing to afford $10-00 tuition fees, it is a challenge for most of our families to raise this. Not only are they failing to raise this $10-00 to go to school per term, most of them simply need atleast a $25 monthly assistance to atleast get them basics to eat to be able to go to school.

I have been thinking about his a lot lately, that we as Zimbabweans need to take care of our own, we spend lunches of more than $10 a day and that is one child’s school fees for the terms and they are failing to go to school because of one person’s one day lunch. They are failing to go to school even if the government tells schools not to send children back home because of lack of school fees, but they do not go to school because they do not have a $25-$30 meal a month, your one or two day lunch. I then quickly said to the guy on the till, ‘Some kid’s tuition is $10, would you pay the $10 for a kid to go to school? and the guy operating the till said, ‘yes i would’, and i asked him 3 times and said, ‘would you’? and he said, ‘yes i would’.. wow it made me feel better, and it gave me a hope, that yes Zimbabweans

can do it! As am writing i am so much feeling the hope that Zimbabweans, yes they can do it! From our salaries if we can  give only $10 or even $5 a month, or even a year, its doable. Zimbabweans, it begins with you, can you start helping where you are?


There are many kids who can do so well in school. Let me hasten to say that, its not about paying school fees for the ‘brilliant kid’, cause that dull kid is dull because she/he doesnt have food to eat, comes from an abusive environment she/he cant concentrate! But there is one new phenomenon that you need to know of, every child smart and dull, deserves a chance at life, to go to school,  and finish school basic High School. When a child finishes O’level whether dull or smart, their life is totally better from that of a child who ended in Grade 7. They can pursue their other talents, and get a life. So dear Zimbabweans, lets give children a chance at life, please join me, and change a life. Adopt one, just one, and pay their school fees, per term, and see how it will change your own life.

May the Lord begin to speak to you now as you read this, may you remember your own difficult years when you wished someone would just do a miracle of buying you maybe new shoes, pay you school fees, or buy flour or sugar for tea to school.  Many Zimbabweans have gone through this, many of us successful Zimbabweans know what i am talking about, even if you had it good at life, another child is not having it good, how about being the miracle you once dreamed of?  It will make you feel good and bless you too! If you are interested in this, in supporting a child, please get in touch with me. Use the email tag.alife@gmail.com or give us a ring on +263 777 549 090.  With TaLI, we concerned about children, especially girls, but we will pay fees for all children in need.   Thank you for being such a blessing and thinking about another human being. Take the step, and get in touch with me on this email today! Do not say tomorrow, do it now!

Using Media To Influence Social Change, What would You say?

on radio

Well many times I’ve seen this in competitions, proposals and as a development theory, ‘Using Media To Influence Social Change’ and many of such times I’ve wondered what really it is. See when such buzz words or phrases are used in development work you are thinking, its so sophisticated and something that really needs money, connections and well something that oneself might distance themselves from.
I’ve always felt like that each time I heard this. But well after a while I began to think what this really means, ‘Using Media to Influence Change in one’s community’! Well in its simplicity I’ve used Media for a decade now, I want to thank God and also recognized the role my musical career gave to my access to Media. I’ve learnt to engage media, I’ve had to invest in relationships with radio, television and press and these are relationships that took a lot of humility, effort and other resources to build and today I keep at it. I meet new friends and I keep old. And now for 5years I’ve used it to Speak about Girl Children and Women’s Issues. The media amplifies our voices, about our causes, and it does help us to reach the communities and our targeted populations.
Why the write up?? Well I am faced with an interesting day tomorrow the 5th of February 2014, I have 3 Radio stations I am invited to speak at. I am privileged to be invited by SFM, Radio Zimbabwe, Star FM and Voice of America to talk about our upcoming Launch of our Tag a Life International Trust(TaLI) PEPFAR Grant which is targeted at reducing Gender Based Violence in Adolescents and Pre-Adolescent girls in a bid to reduce HIV prevalence in these young girls. I am not yet sure of the times for all the stations, I am hoping to be posting updates on my live Social media platforms such as Facebook and twitter, but you can be sure to look out for the discussions on any of the radio stations. Please make a date with me as I ‘Use Media to Influence Social Change’ in my community.. It puts a smile on my face that it resonates within me that indeed, Media is a critical part to advocate for social change. I am EXCITED about this, again, make a date with me!  .

Why i Speak Out..

I’ve had to suppress how i feel sometimes, i’ve seen things that one would think are obvious and yet to many they are not. I live in a culture which celebrates evil over good, a culture that to a large extent has rewarded those who can manipulate others, systems that do not work for the justice of the deserving you name it. At a very young age i leant to address inequality, unGodliness usually that has befallen girls and women. I’ve seen inconsistency in treatment of girls and boys, and at a younger age i learnt to question that, but a large extent i really did not know what i was doing (a story for another day).

For the first time i’ll tell you how i feel about one of the most important issue that is dear to me, to many young girls, young women and even our mothers! In my opinion the reproductive health and sexuality of women has never been about them, its really been about men.  Had it been reciprocal, that the girls’ bodies be for the men and the men’s bodies be for the girls, as is required in the bible that i believe, i would not write, i would be VERY quiet, because there would be equality, everyone would be happy!! Many girls and young women have been oriented to do it for the men, never for themselves. But young boys and men can do as they feel like, well never for the women.  Its the same man who can trash the girl he marries and yet all her life she’s been trained to play it good for ‘the men’, her future husband! I talk to a young girl who is so scared to talk or open up about this issue, i am addressing it anyways! It has taken me a lot of thinking, a long time of accepting who i really am, well i’m called to speak for the Girl Child who will never admit that this is a problem for her, because she is trying to play it good according to what society expects of her! Society expects us girls to play in nice and safe, never to complain or voice what seems not right.

I’ve come to appreciate and live with who i am, i am who God has called me to be, to be the voice to the voiceless especially the girls and women and anyone vulnerable in my community, to be the comfort to those in need, and hense ‘nyaradzo-yangu’, (my comfort to you)!. I come from a religious background which expects me to be a ‘good girl’, and the definition of being a good girl from my religion often means ‘Do not speak out or question inequalities or oppression and violation of girls and women’, violation under the premise of bad doctrine, that teaches the girls to be sooo good such that, when a marriage fails its said to be her fault. Therefore she will try as much as possible to be the ‘good girl’, against all odds. At that point the man can cheat, bash her, violet her, and the tetes(aunts), the pastors and mothers sometimes will tell her to hold on! You’ll be told to be submissive to the husband who often does not know what love is, or laying down his life for his wife, meanwhile, this is believed to come from the bible that ‘woman ought to submit’, and thats what it is!! Well to the woman who’s held on and prevailed, i thank God for you, but am speaking of the millions who’ve suffered domestic violence, poverty at the hands of oppressive men, some who’ve died as a result of domestic violence, some who’ve suffered torture and abuse, those are the ones am speaking out for!

Well i deliberately made this my very first article on my blog because this issue is too close to my heart, and i believe that is exactly one of the issues that will set the world free, that will honor God and promote truthfulness, because as it is, the world is failing at marriage because it is teaching a short changing doctrine. When i grew up i had issues with marriage, until i had the most liberating preaching of one of an elderly pastors who had visited my church then. I silently grew up a girl who watched a lot of things happen around girls and women. I realised how women were soo oppressed that marriage was never an attraction to me, i viewed it as a sick prison which women enter and then either die silently or loose themselves. It was all under the thought of this what most of the church today have termed ‘submission’. I heard this more than i heard about love, about men laying their lives for their wives as the bible commands, for me the greater than SUBMISSION!!.. Well this pastor taught me the scripture as it says. Eph 5: 22-25 says; “Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord. 23 For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior. 24 Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.25 Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her 26 to make her holy, cleansing[a] her by the washing with water through the word”(the greatest submission which the church should teach to the men if true salvation is to fall upon the families)..,

He taught about what submission is for a woman and love is for a man, and that that is a circle, the two go hand in hand, you do not demand one and leave out the other. When a wife submits a husband should love, that on its own is not difficult in my opinion. The hardship comes when a wife is expected to submit and them man does not love, which is maybe a large percentage of these marriages, and one wonders why there is such violence and hatred, there is toomuch demand from women to perform and little from men, and society has gotten away with that. But is that the standard that should be, a big NOO!

So let me break it down right here right now. For me i am not keeping quiet at the expense of pretense and watch women’s lives be ruined. As a young woman it is God’s order if i want to get married, to do so, but not to any jack, not to any jerry, but to a man who fears God, in the truthfulness of fearing God. Who embraces truth, who does his part. I will not marry a man who is selfish, who expects me to submit and does not love me or lay his life for me. i am better off as a Jewel in God’s eyes if i kept myself forever rather than fall into the hands of an unworthy man who does not respect me as a beautiful creation of God, as one who’s made in the image of God and one who is equally a human being like him. I will marry a man who acknowledges justice and equality of human beings, a man who treasures me as the creation of God, and man who will adore me and love me to bits, that man will not demand submission because it will come naturaly. Let me continue this a little later, i just wanted you to hear my heart out.. I shall speak out, i shall not stoop law, Not in this life, never!!

Its about My Opinion of What it means to be a Wholesome girl or woman, Woman in my God Given Rights to have dorminion in this earth, to have success, liberty and power as a girl or Woman. A share of empowerment to other women, bringing liberty aganst what has kept women and girls limited at the oppression of Culture and False Religious Doctrines. It is my space where i explore what it is to be a liberated and true-to-self African or Global Woman. I find my space as a leader and i overcome limitations of all sorts through my own story, i tell it as it is!! Welcome, to my Space!!