Calling on Every Zimbabwean to support Every Child In School #ECIS Campaign

Junior ParliamentarianChild Parliamentarian Hon Natasha at the Launch of the ECIS Campaign 14 Dec 2017

Dear media friends. Thanks to those who’ve responded to our campaign for #EveryChildInSchool. We appreciate the fact that this is all of us as Zimbabweans & the globe affording our children a chance at education including those that are from poor families. We’ve learnt in the past few weeks that People actually have a voice in #Zimbabwe and we are asking you to spread the word and lets talk about this issue to Minister Mavima of Primary and Secondary education asking him to open all public primary schools to allow marginalised children to go to school.

The policies that exists only protect to an extent those children who are in school, despite the fact that over a million Zimbabwean children are not going to school. We also know that there are many issues around our education system which some of the issues the minister already responded to. Issues like revising the curriculum have already been addressed, lets voice our concerns for the poor children. Lets speak on their behalf those children whose life revolve around only heading cattle, doing house hold chores, potential child marriages, rape, child labor among other issues because they are not privileged enough to afford the $5 or $20 or $30 required from their parents to enrol them from school.

Our message is clear, Minister release a circular so that by January 9th even those children who have been out of school let them enter schools, instruct your headmasters to not ask them for money upfront for enrolment because they don’t have it their parents don’t have jobs! Don’t ask them for uniforms as condition for enrolment because their parents cannot afford it, rather work with parents when children have entered school. Ultimately Mr President, Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwaallocate more resources to education, borrow resources to enrol every child as provided by the constitution chapter 75, every investor in new Zimbabwe should build a school and a clinic if engaging in mininging or farming within their first 5 years of operation. We also recommend that you introduce a 1.5% tax to every Zimbabwean to fund education, after all we can read and write because when we grew up it was illegal for a child not to go to school, we changed pens and books which were provided by the schools because the government was highly invested in education. For the proposed tax, all the money must go towards school enrolment, school infrastructure development and learner welfare. The already existing resources and more proposed allocations should take care of the personnel and other issues. For the proposed Education tax and other resources, we demand for full closure and accountability from the government and all the companies who are investing in Zimbabwe regarding their contribution to education. This is a human right! Every Child Must be in School Mr President.

#EveryChildInSchool #ECIS Tag a LifePanellists at the Launch of the Campaign JCT, ZNCWC, TaLI and Child Parliamentarian.

To fellow Zimbabweans, lets make this viral, hold your leaders accountable, talk about it at your churches, supporting this cause by Zimbabwean civil society is supporting our own development and its really a share away from making a change. share and copy this into your own Facebook or what app groups. If you are an organisation please join the movement by sending an email to We will take you through next steps of this campaign. We want representation of the movemnt and citizens across the coutnry to make this issue at every Zimbabwean’s mouth.

Again to members of the media, thank you already for your support, and lets keep writing about this campaign, lets talk about it, lets blog about it. Please tag a friend in the media, or even inbox me people you think can assist us in keeping the noise going. This should be just as successful as we decided we were done with the previous minister of the same ministry and we took it to social media and every where to express our dis-interest in his reappointment. It was the voice of the people which was said to be the voice of God. Let our voices be heard. Please blog and share it online as well. I’m trying to reach out to all media houses, all community news papers and community radios across the country. We have enough people to give interviews so tag others. Does anyone know a colleague at Bulawayo24 News? please tag them i can neither inbox them or share anything on their page. Lastly i’m asking even international colleagues to cover this as we make noise.

To the members of parliament, lets deliver on this by January 9 when schools open, meaning next week in parliament this issue should be at the top of our agenda.

Thank you all for loving Zimbabwe.

Facebook page; Every Child In School
Tweeter; @ECISZW #ECIS

On behalf of Tag a Life International (TaLI) and the #EveryChildInSChool platform.

Nyaradzo Mashayamombe.

Lucia with Journalists ECISSome of the members of Media the Public at the #ECISZW launch #ECIS



Getting Personal with Gender Based Violence(GBV)


Nyari Nyaradzo MashayamombeNyaradzo Mashayamombe Speaking at Forum 2000 in The Czech Republic October 2017

Until you’ve been a victim of rape, physical violence, emotional trauma, then #metoo or #16DaysofActivism won’t mean anything to you. Until you’ve had a daughter sexually assaulted, a wife raped, a sister physically harassed or yourself felt unprotected, then you will want us to be silent. I’ve been exposed to emotional abuse as a child, I had near sexual abuse moments that play in my head that sometimes I wonder how it didn’t happen, at the hands of older relatives. I’ve suffered physical violence at the hands of those close to me as a result of the work that I do to speak out against GBV and holding especially men to contribute their own share in their families through either house work or productivity.

I’ve been asked questions like ‘are you married’ as a way of…

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Getting Personal with Gender Based Violence(GBV)

Nyari Nyaradzo MashayamombeNyaradzo Mashayamombe Speaking at Forum 2000 in The Czech Republic October 2017

Until you’ve been a victim of rape, physical violence, emotional trauma, then #metoo or #16DaysofActivism won’t mean anything to you. Until you’ve had a daughter sexually assaulted, a wife raped, a sister physically harassed or yourself felt unprotected, then you will want us to be silent. I’ve been exposed to emotional abuse as a child, I had near sexual abuse moments that play in my head that sometimes I wonder how it didn’t happen, at the hands of older relatives. I’ve suffered physical violence at the hands of those close to me as a result of the work that I do to speak out against GBV and holding especially men to contribute their own share in their families through either house work or productivity.

I’ve been asked questions like ‘are you married’ as a way of silencing me because most of women who are married are expected to keep quiet on Gender Based Violence (GBV). I’ve seen people side with perpetrators of violence in a painful way leaving you the victim questioning the worthiness of your own life. I’ve witnessed police asking women to go back home and address the GBV sending them right into the arms of the perpetrator and I’ve myself been asked by a male police officer to go and ‘deal with the issue since it regards a relative’.  This is a simple example of the failure of justice system to protect victims of abuse simply because most times the male officers have biases, that they are also subjecting their own wives to the abuse and they’d rather sympathize with perpetrators. In all this as a Human Right Defender I’ve leant a couple of lessons;

1. The abused person has to look out for themselves most times as relatives simply take side of the perpetrator! They are going to play down your suffering and protect the perpetrator. My advise is as a victim whose being abused, have your own back, take action and go against everyone seeking to silence you because in their silencing, you are loosing your own self-confidence, your own self worth, you are inviting continued perpetration and you are making abusing you ok for everyone watching! Reporting doesn’t mean divorce in the case of those married, it means you are asking your partner to put boundaries, having him/her picked by the police and having some punishment helps them understand that you are a human being who is to be respected, valued and loved and that if they don’t see that for themselves then you will take steps to help them respect you. This is also for those violating for the first time, if the person is known for perpetual abuse or the second time, certainly take drastic measures like asking for protection order or asking that the person leaves the environment or house until they get help.

2. There is tremendous hostility for people especially women who suffer violence and try to seek justice. When I had this nasty experience, I was clear that I would not allow a person to go without some accountability, and taking steps ensured that I attracted amazing hostility and backlash. In that moment I leant that someone thought my life wasn’t worth that much as I thought I was worthy through the impunity they gave to the abusive person and hostility that followed because i’d taken action. However it became clear that I was the one responsible for respecting the life God gave me and that nobody had the right to rate my life lower than God means for it through being dehumanized by physical or any form of violence. I realized it was me who controlled that whether I would allow this to go unaddressed, I chose to address it and to deal with the hostility that followed.

3. The notion that victims of abuse especially women are unable to report abuse to get help became so vivid, because if they depend on that man to survive financially, or if they are a muroora (daughter in law) in that family then the whole family will ask her not to report and if she does she invites punishment, so that means for women one has to have a plan, to have economic empowerment so they can make choices and not depend on their abusers.

4. That when a person is physically stronger to abuse you, in the moment of abuse you can feel powerless. I personally felt a sense of being exposed, that the social system that was bound by the relationship contract had been broken and the only next thing that could protect me was the law. As I thought of my next steps being the law I felt some restoration already beginning. As the police arrived I saw my perpetrator feeling subdued and afraid of the police, that gave me back my power to realise that there is something that bring us all equal, thus the law. No wonder why justice in our traditional setups from time immemorial as African people was always there within the traditional courts that made someone pay cattle or have some form of punishment as restitution. The elders knew this was important. Our present day justice system has to work for victims to be restored or for them to begin their healing process. Even as I took steps inspite of opposition, I was happy I was putting myself first and this helped me.

Nyari Mashayamombe Nyaradzo NyaraDuring a #16Days of Activism to end GBV March in Harare 9 December Continue reading Getting Personal with Gender Based Violence(GBV)

#ThisFlag: When Citizens Rise!


Nyaradzo Nyari Mashayamombe Citizens Rising #thisflag

#ThisFlag: Citizens Rising

It’s imperative to know that the days building up to Zimbabwe Independence Day 2016 saw many Zimbabweans online speaking out on issues troubling our country. Beginning with the missing 15 billion dollars that President Robert Mugabe brought to light, to the MDC March, which drew a lot of support and scrutiny, to now, where Zimbabweans are using #Thisflag to unify voices online. This hashtag builds on the voices of concerned citizens who have been petitioning against bad governance, unaccountable, nontransparent leaders, and ongoing corruption. To suggest that this hashtag campaign is any other ideology, is a cheap way of thinking that Zimbabweans are stupid, docile and cannot see straight through the theft, plundering and human rights abuses that have been perpetuated over the years by our leaders.

Activists from all walks of life have been speaking about holding leaders accountable for their corruption. I, too, remember venting on Facebook just after hearing about the missing money that Zimbabweans shouldn’t joke as much as they did online over serious matters like national resources, or 15 billion dollars going missing, but should be bold to hold leaders accountable.

The campaign against corruption, bad governance and accountability has predecessors who ought to be remembered even as citizens rise today, and to know that they stand on the shoulders of those who’ve gone before them. It’s important to reflect on the lives of human rights activists who died for this country since the year 2000, who were made to disappear and who starved because they spoke out boldly – calling the masses to action and fighting for #ThisFlag.  Itai Dzamara is a name close to our hearts of a young Zimbabwean man who felt fed up just like many people online who are using #thisflag today, and those that have been and will continue talking about these issues. Women were raped and killed between 2000 and 2008 fighting for a better Zimbabwe.

Further, we see the power of the part the church plays in a struggle. In the past, churches have played the role of praying for the country, while activists took to the streets, to television and newspapers about the suffering of the people and the misuse, bad governance and corruption this country has endured. Pastor Evan Mawarire rising from the citizens and as a pastor, is a role model that makes many citizens realise and claim their power and see it as OK to finally approach leadership to make things right for the country, supporting the work activists have struggled with over the years. Simply put, the people have a right and are exercising that right!

People are beginning to realise that #ThisFlag represents our country. We are part of it, it’s not for the people whom we put into power to manipulate and use against us, it’s ours. Whomever wants to side line, minimize and make this movement seem like it is about one person, or funded by whoever, needs to realise that it is ours!

#ThisFlag Nyaradzo Mashayamombe

Now, following Pastor Evan Mawarire’s Ms Ruvheneko and Mr. Tafadzwa,  it leaves a lot to be desired about how patronised people have been over the years. The record has to be set straight.  I noted the following about the interview and I would like to comment as such:

  • Zimbabweans speaking out through #ThisFlag is a constitutional right, a responsibility they have for their children and future generations. It is a shame that over the years as citizens, they’d left the speaking out only to human rights activists, opposition political parties, and foreigners. But now it is time we took our rightful place in our civil society.
  • #ThisFlag is part of already ongoing discussions and talks about governance issues and corruption in this country. It shouldn’t be mistaken for anything but an open space for all citizens whose jobs have been lost, education hindered, and human rights violated to reclaim and lift #ThisFlag and #FixOurCountry. Over the years Zimbabwe has had activists both online and in mainline media encourage youths, women and communities to speak out. As a human rights activist I’ve had the privilege of working and campaigning on the ground and online with the following friends in my circles who’ve spoken out on countless times about these issues as concerned citizens, they are not from the West or East, they are mainly from Zimbabwe and are Zimbabweans. This list includes the following people: Cleopatra Ndlovu, Nyasha Sengayi, Tendai Garwe, Shingi Mavima, Lucy Mazingi Makaza, Janah Ncube Musimwa, Mike Tashaya, Angela Machonisa, Tariro Tandi, Barbara Nyagomo, Tafadzwa Bete Sasa, Martha Tholana, Jimmy Wilford, Thomas Chizhanje, Mbuya Muroro, Fadzai Mukonoweshuro, Henry Chitsenga, Fortune Pahwaungana, Alex Magaisa, Brian Muchemwa, Chipo Bangira, Arthur Gwagwa, Doc Suli, Simbarashe Nyanhanga, Glen Dhliwayo, Carl Joshua Ncube, Chipo Bangira, Rita Nyampinga, Trevor Ncube, Netsai Mushonga, Norman Musimwa, Sylvia Sanyanga, McDonald Lewanika, Hillary Musarurwa, Nigel Mugamu, Maria Mapolisa, Beighton Chireka, Tayiwona Sanangurai, Wilhelm Olivier, Batsirai Chigama, Jestina Mukoko, Charlton Tsodzo, Hillary Musarurwa, Nelsy Ncube, Barbara Mhangami, Ropafadzo Mapimhidze, Nqo Dube, Grace Chirenje, Sally Dura and my big sister Nyaradzayi Gumbonzvanda, to mention but a few.  The common thread they share is the love and the care for their country.  Many of them are lifting #ThisFlag and reclaiming the pride through speaking out.

The threatening and intimidation that we heard from the panelist Tafadzwa Musarara, who was supposed to be a political analyst but turned out to be an apologist against freedom of expression, is what has kept many Zimbabweans silent. Intimidating brave citizens like Evan Mawarire from speaking not only violates the constitution, but tries to keep the country under the pedagogy of oppression. The oppressed have to realise that they are oppressed and they have to rise! The citizens are rising and the ancestors of Zimbabwe must be happy. Nehanda and Chaminuka brought us the legacy so that we can look after it well, this docility and passivity has kept their bodies rolling in their graves for a long time.

#ThisFlag is creating a path to fixing our country and the start is that we demand for a public inquiry into the missing fifteen billion dollars and the public must be kept informed about this process.  Secondly the ministers declare their wealth and every suspected act of corruption and misuse of national resources be accounted for, and perpetrators not only pay back but be prosecuted. We know mismanagement and swindling resources by an elite few has kept us on our knees. We will hold those who lead us to account for that power that we gave them through the election. Thirdly ministers should respect the electorate and remain accountable and getting a mandate from those they represent, beginning with the Ministry of Education.  Imposing changes like national pledge without public inquiry and changing traditional and religious things like Scripture Union, and refusing NGOs in schools to share legal information single-handedly (such as comprehensive reproductive health rights) is unacceptable. Zimbabwe is a constitutional country which should be run according to the constitution. #ThisFlag campaign will indeed bring our country to systematic accountability and end corruption! Zimbabweans are rising holding #thisflag to #fixourcountry!. Lets continue sharing and build on the movement!

Nyaradzo Mashayamombe is Human Rights Activist, Founder and Executive Director of Tag a Life Inter(TaLI), Development Consultant, Recording Artist and lover of life. Twitter handle: @nyarimash.

An End to an Intriguing 2015 Purposeful 2016 and Beyond!

Nyaradzo Nyari Mashayamombe
Nyaradzo Mashayamombe receives the Human Rights Defender Artist of the Year Award from Zim Rights for the song Cry which features Chiwoniso Maraire

The year 2015 has been truly eventful. One which we are willing to put behind and cross over to the new year, 2016. The past year hasn’t been so easy, many tests were thrown at me but i want to believe however, that i pulled through. Such is life, they say what doesnt kill you, makes you stronger.

A quick mention of the goodness of the Lord; Other than the challenges and privilege to continue fighting for the rights of the girls with Tag a Life International #TaLI, i had my own self to develop and personal projects to pursue. At work, we managed to train more than 300 Community Peer Educators, more than 500 young people and 76 Teachers in the Midlands Province and also assist survivors of rape to get services, as well as Celebrate our 5th Year Anniversary through introducing Child Rights Awards called TCHRAs.


For leading such an initiative, God granted me the grace to be recognized by 3 institutions in the form of awards. Zimbabwe International Women’s Awards (ZIWA) honored me with the ‘Community Champion Title of the Year’ in September 2015. Then StarFM Zimbabwe went on to recognize me with the People’s Choice Humanitarian Award2015 on December the 4th.

Lastly but not least, Zimbabwe Human Rights awarded me the Human Rights Defender Artist of the Year Award for the Song ‘Cry’ which i sang to raise awareness on the rights of the Girls and Young Women especially around Sexual Abuse and Child Marriages in Zimbabwe, highlighting the fact that, the perpetrators against girls are often the people that we know. This song also features the late Chiwoniso Maraire.

Inspite of all the challenges that we faced this year, this has been to encourage me and my team, to strengthen us that no-matter how difficult things may be, the Lord who has commissioned for this work will see us through if we continue to put our trust in him.

TaLI also turned 5 this year and we made the next five year Strategic Plan for 2016 to 2020 after an evaluation of the work that we’d done over the years. To our partners HIVOS, US Embassy and PEPFAR, as well as Individual Friends of TaLI my work would not have been possible without you. To the dear sisters who held my hands and brothers who stood by me in my work through thick and thin, i say the journey has just begun, lets keep fighting for the Human Rights and Social Justice for Girls, Young Women and our entire communities.

For personal development and projects; i’m forever grateful for the strength God gave me to begin to pursue my Masters Degree; Master of Science in Development Studies Degree.


The greatest happiness for me has been the recording and release of my Music Album #Zvatiri which is a celebration of my own life as a black woman, who was born in a world where natural beauty is distorted by the infiltration of skin bleaching and magazine model type of a woman’s beauty which causes a lot of damage to girls and women. The black women particularly are made to apologise for their beautiful pigment of their skin that is chocolate, the curves of their body which many pay millions for and the strength of their voices which often thunders the African Jazz melodies.

The talks about the African Beauty, Love, Gospel and social issues such as girls and women issues. .  The Album has since received a lot of coverage including BBV Africa. . It is also available on iTunes and CD Baby.

What this year has taught me is that one does not need the assurance of another person to pursue what one cares about or their purpose because, some people will doubt you, others will insinuate hateful things and challenge the core of what you care about if you are not careful, you may begin to self-doubt. Most importantly, there are those who really do not care about what you do, who can have bad intentions and shallow such that they can trash everything that you’ve ever worked or poured your sweat for, but in all this, we are strengthened by what we believe.

It is the liberating that we do what we do not for human beings glorification, but for the greatest call, they may seek to take advantage, but you will prevail! Here is to a conquering and wonderful, prosperous, healthy and happy 2016, whatever God blesses, no man can curse!

Scandals are for Women, Men can laugh them off!!

So i’ve been following this Sex Tap Scandal by two Zimbabwean men who are said to be in Capetown. When it broke out early this week i did not really take part in it. As usual such scandals i take my time to study what is going on, assess the facts and the situation and if i have to speak, then i will speak. I often seen everything in Gender Lenses its amazing.

I want to believe that even though i live in Zimbabwe, i usually do not poke my nose into the business that doesn’t concern me, like homosexuality. I am fairly travelled, i see homosexuals around me, just as they see me and nobody really cares, unless its something that we have to engage on a personal note just like human beings, like working together, or if we are friends etc, thats besides the point. I am trying to say i am a person who really doesn’t care about someone’s sexual orientation because i respect other people as much as they respect my own sexual orientation, its really each to their own, i don’t really bother myself, for the most part, i seek to understand and embrace, and as a christian, i often live everything including my own struggles and life to God.

Today i’ve been bothered and i will have to write about it. It has come to my attention and understanding as i follow the whole scandal of the two Zimbabwean Homosexual men that, one of them is said to be married . The proof that i have about this guy being married came from himself alleging that ‘I was intoxicated on the day ‘i was drugged’, followed by his utterances that he is ‘homophobic’, and that he is a married man with 2 kids. The allegedly married guy’s(one of the homosexuals in the video) name is Exeter Godfrey Mudyiwa on this Facebook profile. The disturbing side to the story is that of a photograph circulating of him with a woman, many of which are being circulated with the face of the woman ‘protected’, some not.  The other partner who is alleged to be in the video is said to be one on Facebook-Profile  and it is not clear if it is him since i have not heard him addressing this issue directly, unlike Exeter Godfrey who i saw responding directly to some one Socialite’s Thomas Cstzzle Chizhanje’s wall where he invites Exeter to address the issue.

It is at this wall that i got really pissed off by some Zimbabweans. One member in a Facebook group that i am part of posted about how Thomas was going to interview this Homosexual guy Godfrey, who is actually Heterosexually married, about the video.  The alertness in me caused something not to sit well with me on hearing about the ‘interview’. Zimbabwe is full of scandals. I have to be clear that i call this a scandal because; 1. They recorded their sexual act which is supposed to be private, 2. They distributed or caused to leak, or where careless to cause their illegal material to leak for the consumption of others, which is a violation of other people and am gravely concerned about children having access to that porn material since many kids below the age of 18 have access to phones and can access such materials, 3. The fact that this guy admits to being married to a woman and yet goes around having probably ‘unprotected sex’ with the same sex, THOSE CONDITIONS MAKE IT SCANDALOUS, YOU CAN ADD YOUR OWN ANALYSIS!!.

My question is scandals happen everyday especially in women, nobody bothers to give them a fair interview, the social media in Zimbabwe, including the main line news, reports about it often in an ugly manner on hearsay and at that point society will have judged the woman and her life would have been destroyed already. On the other hand, these homosexual guys’ story who is married to a woman has been neutralised. Zimbabwe does not see this as a scandal enough nor the cheating as a need to shame, and name it loudly, in the H-Metros of this town, on the radio stations etc. The question is why? Why has this not made real news? Is it it’s because its men caught up and maybe we can’t allow men scandals to really be out there? Maybe we can’t! I have heard women in some groups saying, ‘we do not want to name and shame the married guy because we will expose his wife’. But wait a minute, who ever cared when women were caught up in scandals, that the husband would have to be protected? The society would come out blazing ready to shoot the woman with the man as a victim! They will go after the woman with everything they have to shame the ACT, to keep women ‘where they belong’, to make them good girls, so that the rest of the other women will learn that you do not engage in scandals. But how about men, they are allowed to do whatever they want. Actually when they are engaged in scandals we make them heroes, we provide them spaces to ‘meet the people’, and be heroes, for people to listen to the nonsense, why? because they are men, they can do anything? SHAME ON SUCH BEHAVIOR!!

Zimbabwe keeps showing me that patriarchy has buried us including this generation! We are so buried in it that even women have been nurtured and modelled in such a way that, they will punish other women for their sins, and women will pay severely! But the same men will commit worst sins but society will laugh about it, will dismiss it, will look for an opportunity to be ‘addressed by the perpetrators’ in denial that a ‘man can really be caught up in such cheating and shameful act of recording a sexual ponographic material’?

What i am challenging Zimbabwean news to do is to report fairly and equally, to bring out societal ills from both men and women the same way. To let children know that people are equal thus men and women, they are capable of making the same mistakes, and that a society’s rules and norms must be equally applied. If a society does not allow certain behaviours among its citizens for instance cheating in marriage, it should be for everyone. It must apply to both women and men! We should not give unity for men and punish women alone. We should treat women and men the same as equal human beings. Women MUST be freed to look at life with fair lenses, and that freedom begins with media equally covering stories and addressing societal issues the same way. Media coverage mustn’t be to silence women, to punish women, to label women or to put them in boxes while men are let loose.

As i end this article, my heart goes out to the wife of this ‘cheating-homosexual guy’. I pray that she has economic independence to move on from this kind of trauma and abuse of being double crossed. I am worried if she is safe from diseases. No one human being should ever have to deal with this. The temptation to the sister who is married to this guy would be to stick around and present that she supports her husband when in actual fact she might just stick around for economic reasons at the expense of her own health. I say if its you sister, move on you are still very young. To the young men who were caught up, it is a crime to record your sexual explicitly almost anywhere in the world, do not abuse other people as you make your choices. You have the responsibility to respect other people by making your sexual episodes private just like everyone else, you abused thousands if not millions in that ponographic video. You also have the responsibility to not abuse others like women in the process, and there is nothing heroic about this, its shameful!. And to Zimbabweans, lets not be complacent, let our yes be a yes, our no be a no, lets practice equality for all human beings. Men are no better than women, if you are going to frown upon scandals, make it be for everyone, both women and men!

Audit #HarareHospital NOW What is Rate of Survival??

While #Afrophobia’ is taking place in South Africa, there is a huge issue that Zimbabwe is not talking about which should concern all of us, concern all of us very FAST, and its urgent, it can’t wait, it makes me sick, and enxious, and furious, and think that this is the end of the world. It makes me feel helpless, it makes me vulnerable and makes my people also vulnerable, its an issues thats worrisome and we should all be worried! Its the issue of HarareHospital! My heart cries out, i am in pain, God help!! I am calling for an urgent look into the situation in public hospitals such as #HarareHospital, where people are dying like crazy!! My heart cries out.

The day before Easter last week i went together with our team to visit one of our staff members’ sister was admitted there. She had told me that earlier on her sister had refused to go back to #HarareHospital because prior to that, she had spent sometime there. When i visited the lady in the hospital, i could not stand the environment. I wondered how people were surviving there. The atmosphere is not one of healing, but takes the very life from you. She was admitted in the ward in the last floor and i was told that she is also waiting for a bed downstairs where the environment was better. While i spoke to the lady i saw life in her, she was talking and we spoke at length until the time for us to leave and we left.

While i was there i reached for tissues in the hospital cause i could not swallow my own saliva because of the smell and just the situation in that ward. I said to myself, this is why this lady wanted to come back home. The next day i had a conversation with the sister and i said, i think you need to bring your sister home and maybe get some help from doctors or just get medicines for her to heal at home, i think that environemnt is not good for her, it takes the very life from her. Lo-and behold, a week later she passed on. I was confused, i felt robbed and i said lives are passing for no reason, we could do better. i cried in my heart and yearned for a better Zimbabwe whose children have access to basic health.

Fast track a week later, i was phoned yesterday for a relative who was said to be at Harare Hospital again. I thought it wasn’t serious, i think i got into denial, i didn’t want to imagine their pain or the surrounding environment where they were living. Just today my brother called me and told me that our relative had passed on. I am from the funeral and i said £@£?£$%£$& man! I said this country could do better for its people. The level of neglect and the cost for basic survival processes like a scan costs US$600 and because of the nature of this hospital where everyone comes from low income earning communities, where can people get such amounts of money? I got supper pissed listening to the ordeal of the deceased from the time they took him to the hospital last friday to the time of his death this afternoon.

That death again could have been avoided if resources where availed. Basically there are huge complaints about #HarareHospital that there is need for an urgent audit of service at that hospital! It seems as if anyone who goes there doesn’t come back alive. The environment is not life giving but draining, you literally have to fight for your life to stay alive but many are dying. Some say they are not getting drips even. I am shocked, this is the highest level of suffering and it has to stop! Can someone do something for Harare Hospital Please and all the public hospitals!! Can we have an audit of lives that survive in the hospital viz-a-viz lives are admitted. What is the survival rate at #HarareHospital?? Please help real fast!!

Its about My Opinion of What it means to be a Wholesome girl or woman, Woman in my God Given Rights to have dorminion in this earth, to have success, liberty and power as a girl or Woman. A share of empowerment to other women, bringing liberty aganst what has kept women and girls limited at the oppression of Culture and False Religious Doctrines. It is my space where i explore what it is to be a liberated and true-to-self African or Global Woman. I find my space as a leader and i overcome limitations of all sorts through my own story, i tell it as it is!! Welcome, to my Space!!