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An Urgent Call to Investigate Magaya!

Walter Magaya Identities Media Holdings Nyaradzo Mashayamombe Nyari Mashayamombe

I picked the case of Charity Dlodlo and Sarah Maruta and decided to provide a platform for them to speak out, after a bombshell of an article confirmed the concerns for women and girls abuse, as well as power and money, confirming my long standing suspicions at this ‘church’.

On Sunday the 7th of July 2019 we woke up to an unbelievable article in the Sunday mail titled ‘Magaya Bombshell’, an article which outlined how women in the Prophetic, Healing and Deliverance Ministry of Walter Magaya alleged to have been sexually abused and taken advantage of by Magaya.

One of the ladies Sarah Maruta was soon to recant through the release of a video claiming that the other woman Charity Dlodlo had lied and forced her to go to the Sunday Mail to report without her consent and that they had coached her to lie.

Immediately upon reading the paper, as well as after watching the statement of the Maenzanise family on video outlining the ordeal of their daughter whom they said was raped and abused as a minor until she sighed a child with Magaya, including the denial of the rape allegations by the Maenzanise daughter and her husband, i chose to reach out to Charity Dlodlo.

I would reach out to use my platform on Identities to allow her to tell her story. Upon reaching out to her, Charity seemed happy to tell her story, and further explained her ordeal to me. By Monday we would meet and spend two hours in the evening with her explaining the case of sexual assault that she endured at the hands of Magaya to me in the city. I would further offer her the #IdentitiesConversations platform to share her story with the world.

My decision to share her story was centred on the belief and my experience with victims or survivors of sexual abuse and rape in my work as a human rights activist, that they need a space to speak out if they have become this bold to approach news papers, and that an interview would lay it out there as a foundation for others to come forward, and for state to officially launch an investigation and account to the people.

Most importantly, having read and listened to the audio of one of Magaya’s alleged victims who was also a student, Petronella some years back where she recorded Magaya bribing her to not speak out on her sexual relationship by him, i was convinced that something was not right at the ‘church’ and how ‘church’ money was being used to abuse and silence women.

As part of my preparation to the interview i got access to document that outlined messages, voice records that were exchanged between her and senior leaders in the church, as well as other female victims where she frantically demands to see Walter Magaya who seemed to not prioritise their meeting. These documents had already been shared with the Sunday Mail.

I discovered a number of things in these source documents which make a strong case that whatever is happening at PHD must be investigated and brought to light as abuse of both resources, power and women who end up taking the money because of the need to survive.

Interviewing Charity Dlodlo on Wednesday the 10th of July 2019 on my Facebook Page Identities Media Holdings where a number of online media platforms also covered, i discovered that many women seem to have been taken advantage of but they choose to play along the game and target money out of Magaya, who seem to sometimes not want to part with it but ends up paying up when his victims threaten to go public or actually go public.

Less than 72 hours after my interview with her, Charity Dlodlo is now apologising and she calls what happened(her going public with Magaya’s cases) inspired by evil spirits. Her message reads; ‘I wish to apologise to the man of god prophet Magaya, it was the work of the devil in my life, from now on i will not be fighting i realise its no use fighting a man of God, who was sent to help others, to the man of god prophet Magaya, please forgive me for all that i’ve been doing to you via social media, find it in your heart to forgive me, as the man of god you are, thank you’.

When i saw the Facebook post i was not surprised, but disappointed. I realised that ‘my sister’ had bowed either to the money or to the pressure. Sarah Maruta, Chenesai Maenzanise and now Charity Dlodlo are all women with one common thread; a history of sexual abuse with Magaya and a sudden turn around.

Why? This is the urgent question that should move the authorities in this country to action immediately upon corruption allegations at Magaya’s ‘church’, that he is paying his victims money, and his victims are accepting to survive, or better still are intimidated. Magaya’s ‘church’ must be immediately closed and investigated!.

In the video where Charity recants, she seems timid, and says ‘i cant fight the man of god’, a statement that is telling, on the possible abuse of power and intimidation she might have suffered. There are many claims she makes in her interview with myself in the video available at the above mentioned Facebook Page that authorities can not pay a blind eye to. She’s been to the police and has lost a docket, the second her statement is changed even though she ends up loosing both cases.

She has made a quick turn around on such huge claims and must be encouraged to speak and account for what she has sofar revealed. This recent action by Charity should inform the state that there is something absolutely not right at this church where victims swiftly withdraw cases of abuse. It is either they are being paid to be silent or they are being bullied to be quiet.

Abuse of women and girls in churches has increased in recent years and so has been the cases of incarceration for perpetrators such as Gumbura, closure of cults such as Budiriro Masowe. In all instances common threads were abuse of power, money and violation of women and girls rights, the hard hit by economic hardships. In the case of Magaya, women are turning desperate and seem to accept money over justice.

Citizens like Charity Dlodlo must be encouraged by protection to be responsible and corporate with the state to unearth the rot that is at PHD ministries, and the state must be responsible and disallow the female vulnerability that the sexualisation of their bodies continue to endure for survival even in churches.

Through my short personal experience working on this case this week,the offer of money is not limited and money is flaunted to anybody who touches any of these cases by this ‘ministry’, so are the threats and fear of Magaya. Those to work on this case must be protected and of high moral standing to allow the law to take its course without being compromised.


Open Letter to President Mnangagwa, And ALL Political Party Leaders.

Marange Vapostori.jpg

Dear President Mnangagwa,

I feel the need to open this letter by saying; Women are humans, they share the same rights as men, they deserve same human dignity as their male counterparts, thus equal rights according to our constitution. As a leader you have a moral obligation to direct every citizen to that truth. As we heard towards the 30th of July elections, women’s human dignity must be respected, their lives must be respected above all else, their vote must be respected as equal to that of men, atleast thats the calibre of the leadership that we are looking for in our next president.

The behaviour that we saw on video by a ‘male leader’ from the Marange Shrine where you were over the weekend where he dehumanises women, where he claims that the former president failed because of a woman, that women must never be allowed to lead is deplorable and i can’t believe this was said in your presence and you did not set the constitutional record straight to those misled males who are abusing women at that shrine!. In his words in your presence that male apostolic leader said among other things; “….Chandinokukumbirai chidoko doko ndisati ndagara hangu pasi, chengetedzai zivo inobva pamukuru iyeye, nezvaanoda iye, mukachengeta izvozvo muchatonga nekusingaperi. Mukuru umwe uya wakabvapo, wakakundikana wakarasa mazwi aakaudzwa. Church inoiyi haitenderi kuti murume atongwe nemukadzai, saka makawona simba rekudenga rakapidigura zvinhu kudai, nyangwe mukanakirwa nekutonga musazoregedza simba richienda kumudzimai. Mukaera madaro kutonga kwenyu kuchava kwenhando…”. (I request a small thing before i take my seat, keep the oracle from God, if you do you will rule forever. The former president failed because he failed to keep the instruction. This church doesn’t allow women to rule or to lead, thats why that president lost his power, no matter how you enjoy power never allow a woman to rule over you or get your power from you. If you do that your rulership will be in vein). 

Your duty Mr President is to not put your interests ahead of the constitution and the law of our land. Not above the people that you serve. I can understand that at this crunch time politicians can do almost anything to get the vote. For that let me remind you this; Women hold 52% of this country’s vote, and to fail to protect that is telling about how much women are taken for granted and are not respected in this country. Another big voter number to respect is that of youths and men who cannot stand the statements by that abusive Mupositori, a good number of Zimbabwean men believe in equality, thats to add above the 52% that you must respect. How do you seat in the counsel of Vapostori who outrightly violate the constitution in your presence, and you do not correct them? How do we have a president who seats in the counsel of offenders of the law and let them loose like that? Evidently that Vapostori shrine is misled and is abusing women’s rights in their church as they outrightly did and you left that place without addressing that issue why? They are the same people who are refusing children to go to school, who are marrying their daughters young and a president who is promising us a new Zimbabwe allows such utterances to go uncorrected?

Leader of Apostolic Sect Says Women Can never Lead

The statement of that man is problematic on many levels. Firstly it violets women’s rights, and you allowed that Mr President. Grace Mugabe was instrumental in the fiasco that threatened your survival in the former regime. It must be remembered however that she was being used by a group of greedy men the G40, and in his utterances that Mupositori showed ignorance of the facts and as usual, the blame is given to a woman. Now your own wife Mr President, must not suffer for the lies of chauvinistic males who think it was Grace’s fault. Women in this country cannot keep on being blamed for the sins of men who always use them for their selfish gains. So no, First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa must be allowed to be her own self, whoever comes beyond July 30 as the First Lady must not be compared to Grace Mugabe, but rather should execute her duties  being herself.

Secondly the utterances by the Mupositori threatens our democracy in this country, by prophecying over a life presidency that we suffered under President Mugabe, and all Zimbabweans must be bothered by such utterances in favor of a sitting president  against our constitutional tenets.  Zimbabweans, all Zimbabweans, are the ones who choose Presidents, this problem of presidents who have a liking to be prophesied over including by these dubious abusers of religion is what made us suffer for 37 years. It exposes us to fake prophets who can do anything to push unbiblical doctrine to put their churches on the map, when we all know that in the bible women led, they served their nations! The likes of Deborah, the likes of Esther, the likes of Miriam to mention a few. Thirdly, women have suffered under the guise of religion and in this country this has heightened, and we cannot keep quiet about such disrespect, you owe this country an apology Mr President!

Why is it very important for ZanuPF to always associate with these Vapositori  towards elections, and then give them pass and leave especially this notorious shrine to abuse women and children for a whole five years? Why do these misinformed men get to think that they can tell a whole country that women are any lesser humans than men? Why do our leaders expose us to such abuse at the hands of wayward misinformed men, would the love for power be more important than the investment done in this country for women empowerment? If you Mr President have transformed this country and have done right by Zimbabweans over the short space of time you’ve been president why do you feel the need to stoop so low exposing the whole population to this level of ignorance and mediocrity? We are all as humanised and dignified as our leaders and the opposite  is true!. When a president exposes himself to such desperation and allows anything to happen at the expense of votes, those they lead also become exposed, and exposed to these Vapositories we were. Over and above the spirit of Ubuntu (human justice and dignity) this country is of women and men, girls and boys who are educated. They can tell good from bad, that they know what they are worth, the kind of words and treatment they should be exposed to, and such kind from the Vapostori is unacceptable in our country and we cannot have a leaders of that level expose us to such level of dehumanisation. We deserve better Mr President, you owe us an apology as women.

Since the beginning of this election campaign, political parties have treated women with the most disrespect and it feels like we are more than 30 years behind with women empowerment. The opposition parties have exposed fellow women leaders to untold abuse, have chased some including founders from positions of leadership simply because this country is too patriarchal and  cannot stand assertive women. Since beginning of this year, we’ve had women abused from family level, to public spaces. Elizabeth Tsvangirai was abused by the family of her late husband Morgan Tsvangirai. Thokozani Khupe the rightful leader of the MDC T was elbowed by an imposed leader Nelson Chamisa. Jessie  Majome was pushed out of the party she was part of its founding under selfish circumstances. Justice Priscillah Chigumba who is being abused left right and centre by the opposition, dehumanising and derogatory words by the MDC Alliance supporters and any woman who is assertive and is firm in doing their work is called a H***(B****). I personally have been labeled to belong to political parties and foreign governments by fellow male civil society pro-opposition activists because i questioned the abuse of women in the MDC. Basically the current environment and its leadership are doing nothing to protect women’s rights, they are riding on the popularism politics and non is respecting women’s rights.

To have  a mature president who goes and seats under a shrine and allow common men to reverse all the gains of empowerment this country has ever achieved, to wipe away the dreams of little girls and young women telling them that they can’t lead is a shame that any president must not associate with. This must be the end of this level of stooping low. This cannot be accepted. Women’s vote must be respected. Women across political parties must demand respect from these men.

On 18 November i went to march, i joined tens of thousands who marched to remove the rule of former President Mugabe who had exposed us women and children to untold suffering and dehumanisation, its not the cheap prophecies that removed a Mugabe junta, it was women and men in this country that said enough was enough!  The least we expect from leaders is to be treated as equal human beings deserving of their constitutional protection and realising that women have a right to lead too. It is their job to do so, and not to expose us.

Moving forward we reiterate you owe us an apology to set the record straight Mr President about the rights of women to equality in this country. I personally suggest that all political leaders must be barred from associating with religious groups, or such groups that are compromised whose record are telling of human rights abuses. While this apostolic sect feels good by being able to sale their abusive and oppressive doctrine, these same shrines have been used before to oppress others including you Mr President, so no, in #MyZimbabweDream i do not want religion to oppress me as a woman or a girl. #MyZimbabweDream is one in which religious groups just like all institutions are held to account and are asked to respect human rights and the constitution. #OurZimbabweDream expects leaders to have some moral standards and tell and inform citizens of the law and truth, and holds all subject to law including Mapositori, and leaders must not compromise themselves. Finally for #MyZimbabweDream i want women and men to have the same rights to be ministers of the gospel, leaders in various institutions, just as we have women vying for presidency in this election. I want leaders who promote women and girls rights just like they promote all human rights! I want leaders who do not compromise themselves but stand upright for human rights. You owe us an apology Mr President!

Leader of Apostolic Sect Says Women Can never Lead

Nyaradzo ‘Nyari’ Mashayamombe is a Citizen of Zimbabwe, a Leader, Human Rights Activist, Executive Producer of IDentities TV Show and Singer Song Writer. Follow on twitter and Instagram; @Nyarimash_IDs

What we are Not Taught To Do..

When going through a challenge, the one thing we are not well taught to do is to take our own fair share of #responsibility. It’s easy to always look at who didn’t do what, or why someone did this. It’s easy to detouch from the challenge and blame others, but lately in my trying times I’ve seen that #power and control comes when one takes their own full responsibility. I’ve seen that when I try to slide into blaming others, I loose #power, but I gain #hopeand #control of my life when I choose not to blame, but to learn from unfavorable outcomes.

I’ve also been reflecting and grappling with the concept that; there is nothing called #failure in each situation, only lessons learnt. In my few #regrets in life, I’ve had to really review some things where in the conventional ways of reflecting I would say I failed in this. The stubborn me wants to declare that chapter failure, but the wise me says there must be something to learn, therefore i learn! See logic is that declaring failure to something means i can say someone was to blame, and i can hold a grudge against that person and ‘feel good’ while going through life, but not realising i’m only making a de-service to myself, that in carrying grudges i’m putting energy to waste. That when i let it go and learn from something, it means there are high chances that i won’t repeat the same mistakes or misjudgements.  

 I go through #life with #conversations with #myself. I’m my #bestfriend,  my #biggest #critique and we are improving on #selflove 😀.  I’m thankful for the many days aheard that gives us another chance to do #life #differently and to #face more #challenges #hopefully with a #smile. What are you facing? You are #notalone!


I guess it makes for a great #episode 😊😉😇😎on #identitiesumhlobo. Drop a comment, lets share our stories!
#Being #NyariMashayamombe

Chamisa on BBC Hard Talk, Politics of Popularism in Zim 2018 Elections

Nelson Chamisa.jpg

Not easily impressed! Zim politicians dont impress me a bit especially ED and Chamisa. Chamisa on hard talk promises loads of empty promises especially his understanding of democracy and human rights is shocking. I won’t touch on the “Alice in Wonderland” promises. In his understanding democracy and human rights ‘human dignity and equality’ excludes women. I would have expected the hard talk Host to ask him about his recent pledging his 18 year old sister and how that fits into “observing human rights, good governance respecting our own citizens” in that order, other than it being a populistic utterance and one inspired by irresponsible leadership.

The reason i do not see him as a leader i can respect especially him as a young person is the fact that he doesn’t understand women’s rights, equality as fundamentals of democracy in all that he talks about. So the card that he’s young whatever must be thrown out of the window because being young should come with understanding basic principles such as realising that womens right are key components of democracy and that they are human rights. So to me that interview was just empty and the hullabaloo that he’s composed what not is not what we are looking for to get our country moving forward, we want substance. He couldn’t live up to his lies either about the Trump promises.

The hard talk kind of questioning is what we must all adapt as Zimbabweans on all these political leaders from these political parties. We are looking for a leader who can deliver of the tenets of democracy and human rights and human rights include women’s rights which exclude objectification of women. They include observing equality even on his entourage to the UK and respecting founding women members of the MDC which he shows zero respect regard for and has excluded from day one. In my books he’s young and opportunist and just power hungry as well as playing politics of polarism whom most blind followers have become violent tyrannies who attack anybody who scrutinises him especially online.

I agree with him on holding the government accountable especially the leadership of ED on these Chinese and his mantra “Zimbabwe is Open for Business” deals that someone should question and interrogate them to see any corruption and if they are the best for our interests or they are also just another desperate for relevance selling our country deals by ED. Zanupf itself has show zero tolerance for equality especially as an established political party thats supposed to move our constitution forward. In these recent primary elections its shocking the number of women who got in, especially when we would have expected all political parties during the CV selections to have ensured equal representation between women and men. There has been zero actioning of corruption including officials and the likes of Obert Mpofu are allowed to lead the whole ministry thats supposed to be anti corruption when they themselves have refused to answer to corruption accusations. ED has shown zero regard for equality as well as we have a whole male presidium. The one issue Chamisa must have mentioned in his scrutiny of ED is that the purpoted new dispensation has a whole old faces that’s been accused of corruption in the past and have been part of the failed government ministries. Why is this when Zimbabwe is full of educated young people as well as mature experienced technocrats to occupy leadership in government that include women?

So not for me, political parties in Zimbabwe and their leaders should try harder and Zimbabweans deserve better. As citizens we must be vigilant in this 2018 election and holding these leaders accountable and not fight each other. We must show diversity and difference in idea but respectfully. We all want the best for our country and we must not fight and reduce each other to nothing or else we are just being projects of the Mugabe regime. We can argue but respectfully, we can differ but respectfully. Lets remember this is about our country and we all want the same thing, our common denominator is the best Zimbabwe and now lets put all these leaders to task. Do not sale your birth right over a bowl of soup. Your loyalty must be to your country not an individual political leader. You can vote them in but you must have them account to you. Do not loose your power. Lets not create demy gods like Mugabes that we won’t be able to deal with in the future if we love them ahead of our country. Lets be bound by tenets of democracy and human rights, good governance and accountability for the betterment of our country. I respect all my borthers and sisters who support MDC or Zanupf but i’m more loyal to my country and the best for it therefore i will question and bring to hard task and talk Khupe, Chamisa, ED and anybody who thinks they can lead this country. This is for my benefit and that of the children of this country. I openly share these sentiments because i have citizenry rights and responsibilities to do so. Fellow leaders lets retain to truth and service, lets not be carried away. Remain virgilant!

For these and other issues in our country, join me on #IDentitise tv show at 5.30pm on ZBC today and any other Friday. It also shows on DSTV 280 same time.

Your comrade in the Struggle, Nyaradzo Mashayamombe.

Reflecting on the Zimbabwe we Want


Nyaradzo Mashayamombe,

Nyaradzo ‘Nyari’ Mashayamombe during a courtesy call with the Minister of Primary & Secondary Education Prof Paul Mavima.

Reading the former Prim Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s New Year statement has made me thinking on a lot of things, has enabled me to reflect on my own journey as an activist and the journey i’m walking even now, he has articulated many issues that i feel about the current leadership and yet i’ve managed to reflect on him as a leader too and i’ve decided to put pen to paper lest i’l never do it.

I have great respect for the man as a leader for what he’s achieved, the pain he went through and a true living  ‘Heroe ‘ amongst us and ones who remains such For that i give him his calculated respect. Calculated because as a democratic leader he’s also let me down big time. See, many men masquerade as democrats yet they ignore one of the greatest tenets of democracy being; equality between women and men. Anybody who argues this is a good measure of stupidity and immaturity. Yes i said it!

Tsvangirai is one man who’s greatly abused women, objectified them and has gone to the extent of showing how he not only despise women in his own personal life through the way he treated Loocadia his second wife, but also the many women that he impregnated and dumped. The worst is his appointment of 2 more male vice presidents where through clear chauvinism he has chosen to ignore the democratically elected female vice president to elevate her to the 1st VP with possibility of promoting her to President, but he’s appointed his runner boys the likes of Nelson Chamisa who is visibly vying to be the next president should Tsvangirai resign. Its clear that Khuphe is a woman therefore not being pushed as the next president. If she was a man, would we be seeing Chamisa running around the way he’s doing? That is where i lost all the respect for Tsvangirai, his disregard and treatment of women as second class citizens as well as his lack of substance in issues that i won’t get into right now!

Mr Tsvangirai touched me though, when he spoke about the visit President Mnangagwa and the VP had this past week as a courtesy call to his, which he appreciated and received in the spirit of ‘well-meaning’ and goes on to explain that he wishes this symbolises the feeling that opposition isn’t treated like an enemy but a necessity for democracy, and that every Zimbabwean who rises up to say something about our country is well viewed as well meaning.

Thank you for just putting that to paper, thank you for verbalising that. Over the past days i’ve pondered a lot about this. When Zimbabweans engage they shouldn’t be treated like enemies for wanting more for their country. The Zimbabwe we want moving forward is what us as citizens will build. The environment and circumstances are ripe and allowing. We’ve come from a dispensation where everything was controlled, where you couldn’t say exactly what was on your mind about our country without fearing for your life. I’ve said a couple of things during the past regime regarding human rights  where i’ve felt unsafe to the extend that i feared for my life. I even reached the extent during that regime where i didn’t answer an unsolicited knock on my door because of that fear of endangerment. Relatives and friends even warned me of some of the things i raised publicly as they feared for my life. I see around me this behaviour is crippling back into our midst, people who can’t say whats on their mind or people who come telling you how you ought to be careful for your life and this pains me because it shouldn’t be like that, we dreamed of a free society. I’ve even experienced respectable authorities treating me like i’m an enemy when i address national issues like basic education in the new campaign that we launched.

When i personally took to the streets on the 18th of November, i had in mind an open society, i had in mind a dream of a democracy where any member from the civil society would engage for the development of our country freely, without fearing for life, without feeling alienated for having a different opinion. I had a dream of a constructive country where leadership would engage every Zimbabwean to build this country and to take it forward, realising that no one person can do it by themselves. I had a vision for a Zimbabwe where we would all mature to the fact that most people are not enemies, civil society groups are not enemies, the opposition parties are not enemies but all necessary for taking our country forward. I even got interviewed on the 18th of November 2017 on the national television ZBC News Online and i braved to speak out why i was marching, i said ‘i’m matching for children to go to school! Through my work with Tag a Life International (TaLI) i’d long witnessed children who can’t access education because they do not have that money to go and enrol for the first time and therefore were shut out of schools. I noted that the existing policies protected those children who are already in school, so i spoke out that day, and many saw me on tv and were shocked why i wasn’t scared to speak, we hadn’t crossed over, but i had faith! I even sang #KutongaKwaro so much cause it was a song to the destiny we wanted, a free constructive and objective Zimbabwe, where we all contributed to the building and restoration of our country’s legacy.

Indeed reflecting on what happened to activists in Bulawayo this last week bothered all of us to the democratic and free Zimbabwe we dreamed of. They are part of the people who took to the streets to remove a government that had bothered all of us on the 18th of November, which for them maybe that dream was to have open dialogue, rather than rule of fist which we all loathed. Issues in our nation need to be addressed, however our biggest dream is to live in a country where dialogue is accepted, tolerated, not viewed with suspicion but as a means of development, that is what education does! It allows opinions and learns from others. The #Zimbabwe we want is not to the service and interests of a few individuals in power, it is for every child of this great nation, to have a common vision made real by the respect of our constitution and the rule of law.

When we launched the #EveryChildInSchool #ECIS campaign on December 14 last year, we received massive backlash from the new Minister through this Herald article. This is a man that i’d just met a few days prior and who’d seemed so promising (in the quick chat about this campaign that we’d had when i went to leave a letter to ask for an appointing and as we managed to steal a moment to take this photo). I was so excited for a future meeting because i thought we would work together, to advocate and push the government so that we would have #EveryChildInSchool. We’d been all excited that the former minister Dokora who had treated Civil Society like enemies and made the ministry staff and people feel like a God and Satan relationship was gone. We thought things had changed and that we were engaging a colleague, a partner. I’d be naive to think that he would take us just as objective Zimbabweans with something to say, because of our experiences in serving our communities. The second response that we received wasn’t the case, we felt like we’d become his enemies due to the quality of his response to this great campaign which he now has warmed up to.

The reason i bring this is so that as Zimbabweans we can have open dialogue about the standard of public services that we deserve.  The kind of culture that we will accept from our civil servants if this dispensation is true to its self proclamation. Its us who allow it, we can choose to be timid and be walked all over, or choose to be respected and treated right by those that we employ. We have a chance to reshape the Zimbabwe that we want in this volatile environment where even our leaders seem to be unsure, we can help them settle in by defining the standard of service that we want, which can be founded on respect and trust for every Zimbabwean, according to our constitution. We cannot keep quiet and fall into the former regime traits, we need to speak out when our freedom and citizenry is threatened. We should expect professionalism and respect from our public officers, it is alright and well deserved and for the development of our country. Civil Society organisations are watch dogs representing our communities in making sure public officers such as ministers deliver on what they promised, on our national policies and laws, and we keep them accountable as well as partner with them. The days of civil servants treating us like trash should be GONE, IN should be a culture of treating every Zimbabwean with an opinion, an idea with respect, even if they decide to not implement.

Accountability and governance entails public officers to listen, learn, take notes, show that they have listened and assure the stakeholders and public that indeed they will action, and sometimes invite and engage the originators of the ideas, non dismissive, or abusive of office through yelling or shouting at stakeholders, that is the civilisation Zimbabwe deserves and the kind of service our new dispensation should usher. Public office is about serving people. We should not be afraid to say the truth, we should rise up and engage our ministers, public officers (all government staff) and tell them the truth about what our expectations are (and this is also true according to the New President’s declaration and proclaimed standards that he called on government officers that it was no longer going to be business as usual, and we bought into that resonating dream! If we disagree, it should be respectfully and the next moment we laugh and seat on the same table together not taking things personal. GONE should be the days when ministers needed to know everything and wouldnt engage people, IN are the days when all Zimbabweans, educated and non educated seat at the table and have dialogue about the future they want, they see, learn from each other and participate with each other. They should accept constructive criticism and not be defensive. Public officers especially ministers must realise they are there to serve people, and not to harass or look down upon people.

National resources like radios, televisions, newspapers should benefit every Zimbabwean not set aside for a few select. When airwaves are not open, it is the beginning of authoritarianism, departure of transparency and accountability. National resources should benefit everyone without discrimination.

I want a Zimbabwe where i can constructively contribute. I’m blessed with brains, i’m educated because my government educated me, therefore i MUST use those brains to educate and develop my country, and no-one should hinder that development. No one person knows everything and owns a ministry or office. #IknowItAllAttitudesMustFall in our government’s departments and ministries. #MinistersMustWorkWithEveryone #NotoTokenism#TreatingFellowZimbabweansasEnemiesMustFall#AccountabilityMustIncreaseInPublicOfficers#CivilServantsMustHaveHumility#MInistryOfPrimaryandSecondaryEducationMustReform#AttitudesMustChange

Calling on Every Zimbabwean to support Every Child In School #ECIS Campaign

Junior ParliamentarianChild Parliamentarian Hon Natasha at the Launch of the ECIS Campaign 14 Dec 2017

Dear media friends. Thanks to those who’ve responded to our campaign for #EveryChildInSchool. We appreciate the fact that this is all of us as Zimbabweans & the globe affording our children a chance at education including those that are from poor families. We’ve learnt in the past few weeks that People actually have a voice in #Zimbabwe and we are asking you to spread the word and lets talk about this issue to Minister Mavima of Primary and Secondary education asking him to open all public primary schools to allow marginalised children to go to school.

The policies that exists only protect to an extent those children who are in school, despite the fact that over a million Zimbabwean children are not going to school. We also know that there are many issues around our education system which some of the issues the minister already responded to. Issues like revising the curriculum have already been addressed, lets voice our concerns for the poor children. Lets speak on their behalf those children whose life revolve around only heading cattle, doing house hold chores, potential child marriages, rape, child labor among other issues because they are not privileged enough to afford the $5 or $20 or $30 required from their parents to enrol them from school.

Our message is clear, Minister release a circular so that by January 9th even those children who have been out of school let them enter schools, instruct your headmasters to not ask them for money upfront for enrolment because they don’t have it their parents don’t have jobs! Don’t ask them for uniforms as condition for enrolment because their parents cannot afford it, rather work with parents when children have entered school. Ultimately Mr President, Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwaallocate more resources to education, borrow resources to enrol every child as provided by the constitution chapter 75, every investor in new Zimbabwe should build a school and a clinic if engaging in mininging or farming within their first 5 years of operation. We also recommend that you introduce a 1.5% tax to every Zimbabwean to fund education, after all we can read and write because when we grew up it was illegal for a child not to go to school, we changed pens and books which were provided by the schools because the government was highly invested in education. For the proposed tax, all the money must go towards school enrolment, school infrastructure development and learner welfare. The already existing resources and more proposed allocations should take care of the personnel and other issues. For the proposed Education tax and other resources, we demand for full closure and accountability from the government and all the companies who are investing in Zimbabwe regarding their contribution to education. This is a human right! Every Child Must be in School Mr President.

#EveryChildInSchool #ECIS Tag a LifePanellists at the Launch of the Campaign JCT, ZNCWC, TaLI and Child Parliamentarian.

To fellow Zimbabweans, lets make this viral, hold your leaders accountable, talk about it at your churches, supporting this cause by Zimbabwean civil society is supporting our own development and its really a share away from making a change. share and copy this into your own Facebook or what app groups. If you are an organisation please join the movement by sending an email to We will take you through next steps of this campaign. We want representation of the movemnt and citizens across the coutnry to make this issue at every Zimbabwean’s mouth.

Again to members of the media, thank you already for your support, and lets keep writing about this campaign, lets talk about it, lets blog about it. Please tag a friend in the media, or even inbox me people you think can assist us in keeping the noise going. This should be just as successful as we decided we were done with the previous minister of the same ministry and we took it to social media and every where to express our dis-interest in his reappointment. It was the voice of the people which was said to be the voice of God. Let our voices be heard. Please blog and share it online as well. I’m trying to reach out to all media houses, all community news papers and community radios across the country. We have enough people to give interviews so tag others. Does anyone know a colleague at Bulawayo24 News? please tag them i can neither inbox them or share anything on their page. Lastly i’m asking even international colleagues to cover this as we make noise.

To the members of parliament, lets deliver on this by January 9 when schools open, meaning next week in parliament this issue should be at the top of our agenda.

Thank you all for loving Zimbabwe.

Facebook page; Every Child In School
Tweeter; @ECISZW #ECIS

On behalf of Tag a Life International (TaLI) and the #EveryChildInSChool platform.

Nyaradzo Mashayamombe.

Lucia with Journalists ECISSome of the members of Media the Public at the #ECISZW launch #ECIS


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