What we are Not Taught To Do..

When going through a challenge, the one thing we are not well taught to do is to take our own fair share of #responsibility. It’s easy to always look at who didn’t do what, or why someone did this. It’s easy to detouch from the challenge and blame others, but lately in my trying times I’ve seen that #power and control comes when one takes their own full responsibility. I’ve seen that when I try to slide into blaming others, I loose #power, but I gain #hopeand #control of my life when I choose not to blame, but to learn from unfavorable outcomes.

I’ve also been reflecting and grappling with the concept that; there is nothing called #failure in each situation, only lessons learnt. In my few #regrets in life, I’ve had to really review some things where in the conventional ways of reflecting I would say I failed in this. The stubborn me wants to declare that chapter failure, but the wise me says there must be something to learn, therefore i learn! See logic is that declaring failure to something means i can say someone was to blame, and i can hold a grudge against that person and ‘feel good’ while going through life, but not realising i’m only making a de-service to myself, that in carrying grudges i’m putting energy to waste. That when i let it go and learn from something, it means there are high chances that i won’t repeat the same mistakes or misjudgements.  

 I go through #life with #conversations with #myself. I’m my #bestfriend,  my #biggest #critique and we are improving on #selflove 😀.  I’m thankful for the many days aheard that gives us another chance to do #life #differently and to #face more #challenges #hopefully with a #smile. What are you facing? You are #notalone!


I guess it makes for a great #episode 😊😉😇😎on #identitiesumhlobo. Drop a comment, lets share our stories!
#Being #NyariMashayamombe


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