Chamisa on BBC Hard Talk, Politics of Popularism in Zim 2018 Elections

Nelson Chamisa.jpg

Not easily impressed! Zim politicians dont impress me a bit especially ED and Chamisa. Chamisa on hard talk promises loads of empty promises especially his understanding of democracy and human rights is shocking. I won’t touch on the “Alice in Wonderland” promises. In his understanding democracy and human rights ‘human dignity and equality’ excludes women. I would have expected the hard talk Host to ask him about his recent pledging his 18 year old sister and how that fits into “observing human rights, good governance respecting our own citizens” in that order, other than it being a populistic utterance and one inspired by irresponsible leadership.

The reason i do not see him as a leader i can respect especially him as a young person is the fact that he doesn’t understand women’s rights, equality as fundamentals of democracy in all that he talks about. So the card that he’s young whatever must be thrown out of the window because being young should come with understanding basic principles such as realising that womens right are key components of democracy and that they are human rights. So to me that interview was just empty and the hullabaloo that he’s composed what not is not what we are looking for to get our country moving forward, we want substance. He couldn’t live up to his lies either about the Trump promises.

The hard talk kind of questioning is what we must all adapt as Zimbabweans on all these political leaders from these political parties. We are looking for a leader who can deliver of the tenets of democracy and human rights and human rights include women’s rights which exclude objectification of women. They include observing equality even on his entourage to the UK and respecting founding women members of the MDC which he shows zero respect regard for and has excluded from day one. In my books he’s young and opportunist and just power hungry as well as playing politics of polarism whom most blind followers have become violent tyrannies who attack anybody who scrutinises him especially online.

I agree with him on holding the government accountable especially the leadership of ED on these Chinese and his mantra “Zimbabwe is Open for Business” deals that someone should question and interrogate them to see any corruption and if they are the best for our interests or they are also just another desperate for relevance selling our country deals by ED. Zanupf itself has show zero tolerance for equality especially as an established political party thats supposed to move our constitution forward. In these recent primary elections its shocking the number of women who got in, especially when we would have expected all political parties during the CV selections to have ensured equal representation between women and men. There has been zero actioning of corruption including officials and the likes of Obert Mpofu are allowed to lead the whole ministry thats supposed to be anti corruption when they themselves have refused to answer to corruption accusations. ED has shown zero regard for equality as well as we have a whole male presidium. The one issue Chamisa must have mentioned in his scrutiny of ED is that the purpoted new dispensation has a whole old faces that’s been accused of corruption in the past and have been part of the failed government ministries. Why is this when Zimbabwe is full of educated young people as well as mature experienced technocrats to occupy leadership in government that include women?

So not for me, political parties in Zimbabwe and their leaders should try harder and Zimbabweans deserve better. As citizens we must be vigilant in this 2018 election and holding these leaders accountable and not fight each other. We must show diversity and difference in idea but respectfully. We all want the best for our country and we must not fight and reduce each other to nothing or else we are just being projects of the Mugabe regime. We can argue but respectfully, we can differ but respectfully. Lets remember this is about our country and we all want the same thing, our common denominator is the best Zimbabwe and now lets put all these leaders to task. Do not sale your birth right over a bowl of soup. Your loyalty must be to your country not an individual political leader. You can vote them in but you must have them account to you. Do not loose your power. Lets not create demy gods like Mugabes that we won’t be able to deal with in the future if we love them ahead of our country. Lets be bound by tenets of democracy and human rights, good governance and accountability for the betterment of our country. I respect all my borthers and sisters who support MDC or Zanupf but i’m more loyal to my country and the best for it therefore i will question and bring to hard task and talk Khupe, Chamisa, ED and anybody who thinks they can lead this country. This is for my benefit and that of the children of this country. I openly share these sentiments because i have citizenry rights and responsibilities to do so. Fellow leaders lets retain to truth and service, lets not be carried away. Remain virgilant!

For these and other issues in our country, join me on #IDentitise tv show at 5.30pm on ZBC today and any other Friday. It also shows on DSTV 280 same time.

Your comrade in the Struggle, Nyaradzo Mashayamombe.


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