Calling on Every Zimbabwean to support Every Child In School #ECIS Campaign

Junior ParliamentarianChild Parliamentarian Hon Natasha at the Launch of the ECIS Campaign 14 Dec 2017

Dear media friends. Thanks to those who’ve responded to our campaign for #EveryChildInSchool. We appreciate the fact that this is all of us as Zimbabweans & the globe affording our children a chance at education including those that are from poor families. We’ve learnt in the past few weeks that People actually have a voice in #Zimbabwe and we are asking you to spread the word and lets talk about this issue to Minister Mavima of Primary and Secondary education asking him to open all public primary schools to allow marginalised children to go to school.

The policies that exists only protect to an extent those children who are in school, despite the fact that over a million Zimbabwean children are not going to school. We also know that there are many issues around our education system which some of the issues the minister already responded to. Issues like revising the curriculum have already been addressed, lets voice our concerns for the poor children. Lets speak on their behalf those children whose life revolve around only heading cattle, doing house hold chores, potential child marriages, rape, child labor among other issues because they are not privileged enough to afford the $5 or $20 or $30 required from their parents to enrol them from school.

Our message is clear, Minister release a circular so that by January 9th even those children who have been out of school let them enter schools, instruct your headmasters to not ask them for money upfront for enrolment because they don’t have it their parents don’t have jobs! Don’t ask them for uniforms as condition for enrolment because their parents cannot afford it, rather work with parents when children have entered school. Ultimately Mr President, Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwaallocate more resources to education, borrow resources to enrol every child as provided by the constitution chapter 75, every investor in new Zimbabwe should build a school and a clinic if engaging in mininging or farming within their first 5 years of operation. We also recommend that you introduce a 1.5% tax to every Zimbabwean to fund education, after all we can read and write because when we grew up it was illegal for a child not to go to school, we changed pens and books which were provided by the schools because the government was highly invested in education. For the proposed tax, all the money must go towards school enrolment, school infrastructure development and learner welfare. The already existing resources and more proposed allocations should take care of the personnel and other issues. For the proposed Education tax and other resources, we demand for full closure and accountability from the government and all the companies who are investing in Zimbabwe regarding their contribution to education. This is a human right! Every Child Must be in School Mr President.

#EveryChildInSchool #ECIS Tag a LifePanellists at the Launch of the Campaign JCT, ZNCWC, TaLI and Child Parliamentarian.

To fellow Zimbabweans, lets make this viral, hold your leaders accountable, talk about it at your churches, supporting this cause by Zimbabwean civil society is supporting our own development and its really a share away from making a change. share and copy this into your own Facebook or what app groups. If you are an organisation please join the movement by sending an email to We will take you through next steps of this campaign. We want representation of the movemnt and citizens across the coutnry to make this issue at every Zimbabwean’s mouth.

Again to members of the media, thank you already for your support, and lets keep writing about this campaign, lets talk about it, lets blog about it. Please tag a friend in the media, or even inbox me people you think can assist us in keeping the noise going. This should be just as successful as we decided we were done with the previous minister of the same ministry and we took it to social media and every where to express our dis-interest in his reappointment. It was the voice of the people which was said to be the voice of God. Let our voices be heard. Please blog and share it online as well. I’m trying to reach out to all media houses, all community news papers and community radios across the country. We have enough people to give interviews so tag others. Does anyone know a colleague at Bulawayo24 News? please tag them i can neither inbox them or share anything on their page. Lastly i’m asking even international colleagues to cover this as we make noise.

To the members of parliament, lets deliver on this by January 9 when schools open, meaning next week in parliament this issue should be at the top of our agenda.

Thank you all for loving Zimbabwe.

Facebook page; Every Child In School
Tweeter; @ECISZW #ECIS

On behalf of Tag a Life International (TaLI) and the #EveryChildInSChool platform.

Nyaradzo Mashayamombe.

Lucia with Journalists ECISSome of the members of Media the Public at the #ECISZW launch #ECIS



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