Audit #HarareHospital NOW What is Rate of Survival??

While #Afrophobia’ is taking place in South Africa, there is a huge issue that Zimbabwe is not talking about which should concern all of us, concern all of us very FAST, and its urgent, it can’t wait, it makes me sick, and enxious, and furious, and think that this is the end of the world. It makes me feel helpless, it makes me vulnerable and makes my people also vulnerable, its an issues thats worrisome and we should all be worried! Its the issue of HarareHospital! My heart cries out, i am in pain, God help!! I am calling for an urgent look into the situation in public hospitals such as #HarareHospital, where people are dying like crazy!! My heart cries out.

The day before Easter last week i went together with our team to visit one of our staff members’ sister was admitted there. She had told me that earlier on her sister had refused to go back to #HarareHospital because prior to that, she had spent sometime there. When i visited the lady in the hospital, i could not stand the environment. I wondered how people were surviving there. The atmosphere is not one of healing, but takes the very life from you. She was admitted in the ward in the last floor and i was told that she is also waiting for a bed downstairs where the environment was better. While i spoke to the lady i saw life in her, she was talking and we spoke at length until the time for us to leave and we left.

While i was there i reached for tissues in the hospital cause i could not swallow my own saliva because of the smell and just the situation in that ward. I said to myself, this is why this lady wanted to come back home. The next day i had a conversation with the sister and i said, i think you need to bring your sister home and maybe get some help from doctors or just get medicines for her to heal at home, i think that environemnt is not good for her, it takes the very life from her. Lo-and behold, a week later she passed on. I was confused, i felt robbed and i said lives are passing for no reason, we could do better. i cried in my heart and yearned for a better Zimbabwe whose children have access to basic health.

Fast track a week later, i was phoned yesterday for a relative who was said to be at Harare Hospital again. I thought it wasn’t serious, i think i got into denial, i didn’t want to imagine their pain or the surrounding environment where they were living. Just today my brother called me and told me that our relative had passed on. I am from the funeral and i said £@£?£$%£$& man! I said this country could do better for its people. The level of neglect and the cost for basic survival processes like a scan costs US$600 and because of the nature of this hospital where everyone comes from low income earning communities, where can people get such amounts of money? I got supper pissed listening to the ordeal of the deceased from the time they took him to the hospital last friday to the time of his death this afternoon.

That death again could have been avoided if resources where availed. Basically there are huge complaints about #HarareHospital that there is need for an urgent audit of service at that hospital! It seems as if anyone who goes there doesn’t come back alive. The environment is not life giving but draining, you literally have to fight for your life to stay alive but many are dying. Some say they are not getting drips even. I am shocked, this is the highest level of suffering and it has to stop! Can someone do something for Harare Hospital Please and all the public hospitals!! Can we have an audit of lives that survive in the hospital viz-a-viz lives are admitted. What is the survival rate at #HarareHospital?? Please help real fast!!


#NoXenophobia #SpeakOutXeNOphobia !!

#xeNOphobia has harnessed our bothers and sisters and time is now to act!

Each and everyone of us must be bothered at the welfare of another human being, you are reading this message now, you are a human being, you can also be passionate about Justice and Human Rights if you are not yet that. While some of South African Citizens’ issues are genuine for instance the issues of illegal immigrants and their impact on lawlessness and other issues, South Africa MUST remember that its own liberation came as a result of it getting help from other African countries, therefore it does not have to quickly forget that.

We have witnessed brutal burning of our brothers and sisters alive, this is not acceptable on every level. Our Presidents have also not prioritised this and their silence is deafening! We need to raise our voices quickly and now.  Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia whereever you are in Africa, rise against this barbarism. Lets ask our Presidents to speak and shun this evil, South Africa MUST be reminded by someone that it is our brothers and sisters who have contributed to the building of that ECONOMY, it is their sweat as well.

Many of our countries especially Zimbabwe has given South Africa millions of dollars in their exports and this is how they pay us back! When Apartheid tormented South Africa, Africa was there and so was the rest of the World, SOUTH AFRICA YOU CANT FORGET, It is fooling of you to do so!

I am suggesting a Twitter campaign, to speak against #Xenophobia and immediately ask our presidents to Act! People’s Social Media’s walls are blazing with anger especially Facebook at this injustice by some of our ignorant South African brothers and sisters who either take part in this brutality, killing and burning of our people alive, or those who just stand and watch and do nothing!   Lets translate our anger into something tangible.

Lets say #NoXenophobia #xeNOphobia. Rather than just vent with nothing to show for it, each time you write something on Facebook and twitter concerning xenophobia, please hashtag #NoXenophobia or simply #xeNOphobia to speak out against it. Lets tag our local media, news papers,  local radio stations, televisions, international media houses, celebrities and this is the the power we have, the power to speak out! Lets utilise social media for change, get posting, get hash tagging! We are the change that we want to see,  Save the life of someone through twitter or phase book, use  #NoXenophobia !!

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