What is It to You? It is The Year of The Lord For Me!!

As the Christian tradition, many Christians engage in seeking and searching for God in this beginning of the year and others started right at the end of the Previous year. Mostly they are seeking to establish their year and seek for God’s guidance in the New year. It is from the understanding that ‘Our Help Comes From God’, who knows our purposes and what he has in store for us. I personally have started on this journey for this year. There are things that God has already started showing me, things of Greatness and His Purpose upon my life. I will tell you that my year kind of started with a bit of a heavy heart. This was as a result maybe of the fact that i didnt take a leave working on the case of the touts who stripped a woman. I read on one of my colleagues’ wall of an article that said ‘Do not Take things Personally’, well for me with this kind of passion that i have for girls and women issues, i need to find a School to teach me ‘How not to be Personal’ about personal issues in one’s life eg girls and women’s issues.

I want to just declare a few things and to share as i see it and feel it in the spirit. For me what this year is ‘Is the Year of The Lord’ in my life. My Pastor @Tom Deuschle Declared that this year is the Year of ‘Divine Grace’, my spirit said YES when we had the Cross-Over on the 31st and i say it for this year. Greatness is my portion, Prosperity is my potion, Deliverance is my Portion, Love is my Portion, Good Health is my Portion, Favor is my Portion, Blessings are my Portion! Every purpose of God in my life this year MUST come to pass. So should you declare and take time to seek God(or the Higher power that you believe in).

You have to note that these things will not come easy. The devil is going to try to take Your Peace, To Try and Lie that You are a Failure, He will try Get your Glory, He will try to make everything that you do seem to amount to Nothing, He will try and take away from your Relationships, He will mess with your Faith and Hope, he will try to throw fear your way, and doubt of yourself. However am here to say that the word that i believe, of God says; ‘The Enemy comes to Steal, Kill and Destroy, but Christ came that we may have life, and life in abundance, When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Lord will Raise a Standard on our behalf, He will vindicate us my friend, What the enemy intended for evil, The Lord turns into a blessing!

Many years ago my pastor preached and shared a word that; ‘When a Big and Great Door of Opportunity pens, Great also is the adversity and resistance that you will suffer, but know that this is of GOD! Do not be moved, do not be shaken, Declare that You will not be brought down covered by his blood! See Grace doesnt care whether you are correct or not, it doesnt care whether you are right or wrong, it seeks to cover and protect you, as a child of God. That is the kind of Grace that will carry me this year and beyond. A grace that fights your battles, a grace that says Not by Might nor by Power, but one that says it is by the spirit of God. A grace that causes you to laugh at such when thrown your way.

I have for a long time believed my life to be like that of David, and so it is for any of us who believe themselves to be with a purpose in their lives, he had an assignment, however there was Soul, who was there to chase him, to become a pain for him. However David loved and knew God, he was the Psalmist, he was in love with God, he walked with God and therefore his ways were established and protected. That is the cry of my heart this year, to be protected and loved of God, to depend on him and know that my existence comes from him. I desire to write my own Psalms inspired by my own walk with God. When we walk the walk of faith and love ‘you will not be shaken, you will not be moved’, rather you press towards the mark of the High Calling, you gain Boldness and will not be afraid to say the Truth.

See success in your life cannot be without those who seem to want to bring you down. Often successful people are fueled by those who seek to take them back, and are fueled to go forward by such as seek to undermine their effort, or those who have jealousy tendencies. That means you have something huge the world does not want you to bring out. Sometimes you are prevented, or blocked, what it means is God is saying ‘this is not your path, or this is just a detour, or there is a better path than you want to be stuck in a non productive place where you are not appreciated, or God is wanting to teach you a lesson maybe of Patience, of Resistance, or of Withstanding Pressure.

One way or the other, for those who are wise there is always a lesson. Do not take it with a failure attitude, but rather sometimes know that your impact is felt which will bring different results from different sections of life. Sometimes you are being taught to introspect as a person, to learn humility, sometimes to be able to address with boldness and truth, guess what, either way you are defining who you are. In all these circumstances, come out and prevail a successful person. Reflect and ask God what this all means.

My declaration which i believe is that, “This is The Year of The Lord’ for me, whatever i have asked God for,i shall get as i have already received. It is the year of Greatness. God is in control. We may go through the fire, we may go through everything, but we prevail successful and strong. One of the Leadership platforms that i’ve been recently taught me that ‘There is nothing called failure, you are simply supposed to learn the lessons and move on’! So when you think from that view point, nothing really is to be afraid of, nothing really can bring you down, Lets Go Forth and WIN!

I will part today with this Scripture; Psalm 23, it is my scripture for the year.

Yours Truly N.!

P/S In this season you shall be hearing more from me as i take this walk.