We Raise our Voices and Speak Against Stripping of Women, No To Abuse!!

Just when we had seen another horror of a woman whose video had circulated being humiliated by her in-laws, Zimbabwe and the rest of the world woke up to the shock of their lives when the video of a lady being stripped by Combi touts/Community Omnibus Touts at 4th Street Terminus circulated on Social Media. It was horrific to watch such inhuman treatment of a woman from grown up men.  We took to the Radios, Press, televisions and Social Media to call on the lady to come forward so that her case would be opened. We also engaged the Police, and other stakeholders to make sure that the case would be treated with the urgency and respect it required.

Now that one person has been arrested in connection with this case, our job is not to be silent. As an individual together with others who are like minded, my job is to remain vigilant, to remain focused to see to it that the rest of the touts get arrested, that we also push for stiffer penalties for the perpetrators. Again many friends have called that we make sure that the lady is prepared for the courts and as TaLI we have also made sure that we provide Psycho Social Support as we continue together in this journey.

As we remain steadfast for the rights of woman and girls, i will take this opportunity to honor those men who are protecting women in their communities. I particularly want to pay tribute to the gentleman who shielded the girl in the video throughout her traumatic experience when she went through the abuse. These are the partners we want to work with. Issues of violence affect all of us both women and men.  In the last week or so we saw many Zimbabwean men frowning and condemning abuse of women, stripping of girls, some ready to come and find the touts themselves. I do hope that this case provides a total change, overhaul in the way women and girls are treated and protected in our societies. This case must show Zimbabwe that every Zimbabwean has the right to choice of expression, a right to choosing what they like to wear, it MUST let people realise that women are human beings just like men, with their own bodily autonomy.

Also as i finish on this piece, want to thank every Zimbabwean, both men and women, who have supported this move as we assisted the lady to come out and report her case. We rose, We help a Press Conference, we went to the radios, to the news papers, meetings were held, partners came together, the police continues to do its work, We support them. I had an opportunity to talk to the lady, she wants justice, justice MUST be done, we support her, Justice must prevail on this case, so that no other woman or girl goes through the similar experience again!

So to the touts, and anyone who is abusive, we say STOP IT! I say STOP IT! Let every human being enjoy their rights without hindrance from anyone. Until next-time dear folks, NO TO VIOLENCE IN PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SPACES!!



Unbelievable Hypocrisy on ‘Patrick’, The Patriarchy They Chose !

So i’ve been in church services where they said ‘men are moved by what they see, that men are more sexual than women, that when a man looks at a woman most often they are aroused by how they look’. They are very clear to say that ‘Women on the other hand, are not sexual, do not think about sex, are not moved by what they see, that they do not want sex, that as long as you give the woman money she is good, she doesnt want the sex that much’.

This society taught its sons that you need not worry about satisfying your women cause they can do with little sex if at all. The BIGGEST MISTAKE my society made is that they told their boys that they can have sex with whoever they want whenever they want, without taking stoke, so much that they go home and forget to satisfy their wives. Women have had to live with that kind of suffering for a very long time. Well let me break it down for you all brothers who do not want to take responsibility, and you sisters who are in denial. When a woman sees a wrongly and provocatively dressed man she is moved, but she looks aside. When you move around with your chest bare and your shorts too tight as a man, know that you are offending some women somewhere. Just that they were taught to pretend its not happening. Just as much as you are moved by a wrongly dressed woman or a provocatively dressed one, women actually do feel things. This like you, doesnt just go for a man who is provocatively dressed, women are also moved by well dressed hot looking guys! The same way you do. Just that our fathers taught our mothers to teach us to look aside, and YOU on the other side, were allowed to express your sexual feelings and were refused your responsibility to look aside, therefore countless times you’ve sought to justify your refusal for responsibility through rapping women and children hiding behind their looks most of the times.

Zimbabwe this week woke up to a very nasty and rude awakening, that told or taught them that actually Women Need Sex! That they equally want it just as God created it. And that if the man do not avail themselves to care for their wives sexually, women will look elsewhere. Now if you think what i’m telling you right now is rude and makes you angry, i’ll tell you right now that you need to GROW up, Face to reality, know that we are no longer just living in Zimbabwe but the global village. A village which will allow women to know their rights and dues including Sexual Rights! I belong to a number of various women Facebook Groups and Boy women are talking Sex like it was work, like it was Sadza or the air they breath, they are talking sex like they think about it everyday. And honestly, women and men are blessed with the gift of Sex, one which has to be respected, a gift which noone should withhold from another or think they deserve better than the other when they are married. When a man and a woman come together they are married and blessed with sex to make them one. Unfortunately for a long time our boys have been taught that ITS OK when they break that covenant and be intimate with someone else, then come home and pretend like it doesnt matter, and then fail to sexually satisfy their wives because they are getting it somewhere else. I bet you see you’ve been proven wrong?

The shame that was brought by Patrick’s relatives over Patrick shall remain in our memories for a life time, and for allowing his sisters to think they are embarrassing that woman, even his children shall see the video and when they begin to use reason, they shall see that their father failed them, that he failed to satisfy mommy just like he was meant to. They recorded their brother’s wife and her relatives thinking they are doing her a de-service, but in truth they just proved to the world that their brother failed to satisfy Faith and therefore Faith went ahead to buy sex. What violence is that? We are always telling you women are violated everyday and some of you refuse to open your eyes to reality, did this event knock some sense into you? How many men who cheat did we see treated like this? Then why women? If your mind still tells you that women deserve this kind of abuse for cheating, when you are actually the biggest cheat, you dont deserve to be on this earth, you simply do not think! They should be ashamed of themselves. And also another shame as patriarchy taught us is that when a woman fails to satisfy her husband, the husband is ‘justified to go out and get some’, so true then with this situation, this brother failed us. He failed a Sister and ‘We are Aggrieved’! This guy caused a situation and he should man-up and apologize to the nation for making a sister hungry to the extent of looking outside! Isnt this is what we are taught? So Lets Deal with it!!

On the other hand, women are cheated on everyday, and the same way man are also being cheated on everyday! Question is, is this the best way Zimbabwe is choosing to deal with infidelity? Are we as a society settling for naming and shaming? So then ask yourself dear reader if you are a man, how many millions we are then going to see everyday of these videos on men on their banded knees in kangaroo courts begging for forgiveness? Sisters i think we should also seek to make anyone who cheats pay, and as it turns out, men do this the most! So Harare, brace-up for so much drama! I would have thought Patrick to deal with this amicably, and protected his wife, engaged ‘vakuru'(adults) as we are taught in our culture and deal with this with maturity. Now the whole town knows that Patrick actually has been failing to fulfill his conjugal duties and his wife went out. Its a SHAME! He should have refrained his sisters from this stupid behavior that is so abusive of Faith’s family of recording that video. They owe her!!

If all you know for solving problems as a man is violence, you are just too weak! If all you know for intimacy with your wife is forcing yourself on her, you are a shame to men-hood! Lets man-up and seek advise. Lets treat women as equal partners and human beings who deserve happiness. Let this society learn that women actually are equal human beings who have similar needs and feelings. We are different, but absolutely equal!

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