Yaah am angry and am just going to say it as i feel it, i am going to speak truth so you may like it or hate it, right now i dont mind what you think about me!

This crazy Abduction of the Nigerian Girls Is Just but one in a million forms of abuse girls and women go through. So many girls and women have suffered under religion? So 200 and something girls go missing and for some selfish reason someone charges, “I abducted your girls. I will sell them in the market, by Allah,” he said. “There is a market for selling humans. Allah says I should sell. He commands me to sell. I will sell women. I sell women.” What Allah is that who imposes evil upon his people? 

My short post is, many atrocities have been committed against women and Girls under the religion guise! Some of the abuse is vivid while most of it is subtle! The abducted girls are just an exhibition of what extremes can do. But what this brings to mind is how women in our society are controlled even in the churches they attend. They do not speak into matters that concern them, because men do all the talking. Women are the mobilizers and hard workers in these churches and men protect their positions with everything it takes, for example our very own Gumbura case where the purported ‘Man of God’ demanded so much from women abusing their ‘Spiritual Authority’. 

My position and word today is, according to my own situation in Zimbabwe; NO woman or girl should tolerate abuse, in the home, in the church or anywhere else! If you seat in a church that has crazy doctrine of subjecting you to anyone in that church please run!! This problem is causing people to loose faith on religion, and yet worshiping is every human being’s right. These churches are now being led by power hungry, control freaks who think a church is their business which they run whichever way they want! The same people believe in the same bible which empowers women, which declares that they are created in the image of God. I think women and girls should be empowered to live these cults that purport as churches. If you disregard women and girls in your church please step down and let other people lead that church. I am focusing on churches because even as Zimbabwe, we do not have so much of Boko Haram but we have churches that are abusing people every day under religion. 

I am very angry today because of the abduction of these our Nigerian girls and i will speak out!! Dear Pastors, please do not preach to us about submission if you will not speak to your men about Love and Laying down their life for us. I love my God and please do not make some of us live the churches, please preach the Gospel as it is, the Gospel according to how it should be!! Please revisit your bible and realise women are an integral part of a congregation, they pay their tithes, they support your church through actual work, organising, NEXT time you do not want them to preach at your pulpit, please do not ask them to pay their tithes. If you do not know what your policy is pertaining women leadership, please sort that out before you ask for women’s support. Most of the girls and the women are not bold to speak out, most of them dont even know its their right to walk in the fullness of their God Gifts, Please be true to God and be a good servant! Please educate your men about responsibility to control themselves. While i appreciate good morals instilling in our girls, stop preaching to girls and make them appear as if they invite rape on themselves, that is the preaching most males want to hear, but those who stand for the truth and know the true gospel will not cheer that kind of preaching, because they know every human being is responsible for their own actions, including rape. So instead of justifying evil in these men, teach them mercy, protection, to let them know its their obligation to protect girls and women who are vulnerable, like those who might be naked, but its not for the men to prey on them!! In the kingdom of God there is equality! I will not yet challenge in this post yet, how we Portray God as all male, but what i know is in his image; ‘He Created them both, Male and Female’, so for me it means God has male and female traits! And noone wants to talk about that in the church, its something we dont even want to appreciate. But that is what my bible tells me, so lets stop behaving like God cares about men only, or God favors men more than women. Before God, we are equal, in his image, he created us, he loves all of us, So please please please, Stop this Nonsense of Ill treating girls and women and treating them as subjects or objects in your church, or community!!! I appeal and direct this to those who do not treat girls and women well. If you find yourself triggered some what angry because of this paragraph, check yourself, and check your motivations, check your inspiration and the spirit that inspires that doctrine, take time to check yourself!!!!

Representing Vasikana Nemadzimai Esangano.

Ndatenda hangu, Siyabonga, ImageThank you!!