Why Zimbabwe Will Not Promote A Woman Leader???

So this RBZ Governor post, has basically been reserved for a man right? I quote Gono…“He obviously will find both deputy governors Dr Charity Dhliwayo and Dr Kupukile Mlambo incredible pillars of support technically and experience wise, together with the dedicated team of professionals I left behind”..

As a country are we really at a point where we regard women as incapable leaders in their own right, or we regard certain positions of power as man’s job only? When a few women were appointed to cabinet sometime last year we hear there were talks about how ‘women are not educated’?? Fast forward a few months, Gono lives office and Charity, a female is appointed Acting Reserve Bank Governor, but she is unfit for the job as a Governor?? http://www.newzimbabwe.com/news-15010-CBZ+boss+named+new+RBZ+governor/news.aspx

So this equality business, we only commit to it on paper? Women are only suitable for positions of vice? I find this dis-empowering to women and the gains of independence where even women went to. The gains were meant to bring equality, not to promote superiority in gender amongst Zimbabweans. If we are going to talk about the empowerment of all Zimbabweans, then it should be All Encompassing, it should embrace every Zimbabwean as capable! What message does this send to us? That women cant lead? that women are inferior to man and that they deserve lowly positions? I think time should be up when women have to appreciate positions of deputy as a favor, but as merit, time should be now when we realise its actually the women who run the economy, and i think women should begin to demand respect and power in their positions. I’ve realised in many facets of the society including politics, its as if women owe men when they are appointed to positions and worse positions of deputy for many of them!! I think if we are going to talk about real empowerment of women, then lets talk about that, lets begin to be fair and square! How does a person deputise in a position they are not qualified for? So they are good enough to give a deputy and technical expertise but not real power?? Well, i just got a feeling that, in this country as long as people are do not respect human beings as capable, as long as women are treated as second class citizens, and yet they are the ones who deliver, as long as people refuse this truth, Zimbabwe will remain where it is, struggling! We need to admit women do all the job, women deliver, women work hard, they do the rest of the job, and they should get the positions of power! Women MUST be supported to be who they should be, after all they do all the job as i repeat! Lets stop this injustice and give people their best shot!

Am very disappointed!!!



How Much Was Your Lunch Today; It Can Change a Life Forever!!

It struck my mind today afternoon, i got into Spar and wanted to pick a quick lunch, i got sadza and a few things. i looked at my bill, it was close to $10, i cant say i felt guilty, but a strong thought came to mind.  This thought has been with me for a long time though as i work with TaLI for the girls in the communities.  Lately Zimbabwe is not only worried about the Tokwe-Mukosi Disaster, it is also concerned about thousands of children who are failing to afford $10-00 tuition fees, it is a challenge for most of our families to raise this. Not only are they failing to raise this $10-00 to go to school per term, most of them simply need atleast a $25 monthly assistance to atleast get them basics to eat to be able to go to school.

I have been thinking about his a lot lately, that we as Zimbabweans need to take care of our own, we spend lunches of more than $10 a day and that is one child’s school fees for the terms and they are failing to go to school because of one person’s one day lunch. They are failing to go to school even if the government tells schools not to send children back home because of lack of school fees, but they do not go to school because they do not have a $25-$30 meal a month, your one or two day lunch. I then quickly said to the guy on the till, ‘Some kid’s tuition is $10, would you pay the $10 for a kid to go to school? and the guy operating the till said, ‘yes i would’, and i asked him 3 times and said, ‘would you’? and he said, ‘yes i would’.. wow it made me feel better, and it gave me a hope, that yes Zimbabweans

can do it! As am writing i am so much feeling the hope that Zimbabweans, yes they can do it! From our salaries if we can  give only $10 or even $5 a month, or even a year, its doable. Zimbabweans, it begins with you, can you start helping where you are?


There are many kids who can do so well in school. Let me hasten to say that, its not about paying school fees for the ‘brilliant kid’, cause that dull kid is dull because she/he doesnt have food to eat, comes from an abusive environment she/he cant concentrate! But there is one new phenomenon that you need to know of, every child smart and dull, deserves a chance at life, to go to school,  and finish school basic High School. When a child finishes O’level whether dull or smart, their life is totally better from that of a child who ended in Grade 7. They can pursue their other talents, and get a life. So dear Zimbabweans, lets give children a chance at life, please join me, and change a life. Adopt one, just one, and pay their school fees, per term, and see how it will change your own life.

May the Lord begin to speak to you now as you read this, may you remember your own difficult years when you wished someone would just do a miracle of buying you maybe new shoes, pay you school fees, or buy flour or sugar for tea to school.  Many Zimbabweans have gone through this, many of us successful Zimbabweans know what i am talking about, even if you had it good at life, another child is not having it good, how about being the miracle you once dreamed of?  It will make you feel good and bless you too! If you are interested in this, in supporting a child, please get in touch with me. Use the email tag.alife@gmail.com or give us a ring on +263 777 549 090.  With TaLI, we concerned about children, especially girls, but we will pay fees for all children in need.   Thank you for being such a blessing and thinking about another human being. Take the step, and get in touch with me on this email today! Do not say tomorrow, do it now!

Using Media To Influence Social Change, What would You say?

on radio

Well many times I’ve seen this in competitions, proposals and as a development theory, ‘Using Media To Influence Social Change’ and many of such times I’ve wondered what really it is. See when such buzz words or phrases are used in development work you are thinking, its so sophisticated and something that really needs money, connections and well something that oneself might distance themselves from.
I’ve always felt like that each time I heard this. But well after a while I began to think what this really means, ‘Using Media to Influence Change in one’s community’! Well in its simplicity I’ve used Media for a decade now, I want to thank God and also recognized the role my musical career gave to my access to Media. I’ve learnt to engage media, I’ve had to invest in relationships with radio, television and press and these are relationships that took a lot of humility, effort and other resources to build and today I keep at it. I meet new friends and I keep old. And now for 5years I’ve used it to Speak about Girl Children and Women’s Issues. The media amplifies our voices, about our causes, and it does help us to reach the communities and our targeted populations.
Why the write up?? Well I am faced with an interesting day tomorrow the 5th of February 2014, I have 3 Radio stations I am invited to speak at. I am privileged to be invited by SFM, Radio Zimbabwe, Star FM and Voice of America to talk about our upcoming Launch of our Tag a Life International Trust(TaLI) PEPFAR Grant which is targeted at reducing Gender Based Violence in Adolescents and Pre-Adolescent girls in a bid to reduce HIV prevalence in these young girls. I am not yet sure of the times for all the stations, I am hoping to be posting updates on my live Social media platforms such as Facebook and twitter, but you can be sure to look out for the discussions on any of the radio stations. Please make a date with me as I ‘Use Media to Influence Social Change’ in my community.. It puts a smile on my face that it resonates within me that indeed, Media is a critical part to advocate for social change. I am EXCITED about this, again, make a date with me!  .